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Published:April 15th, 2013 21:14 EST
Margaret Thatcher: Not the Person You Think

Margaret Thatcher: Not the Person You Think

By SOP newswire2

Margaret Thatcher: not a person I would allow into my house or to stroke my cat
Margaret Thatcher`s avowed principle that money is more important than the lives of ordinary working people, marked her out to be an atheist. The mining communities in South Wales and the manufacturing industry in the West Midlands that she deliberately destroyed in her quest to conform to her Russian bestowed sobriquet of  `The Iron Lady`, define her as one who had lost touch with the ethics and principles of Christianity.

The more than 900 lives, both British and Argentinian, that were gratuitously lost in the Falklands War that was intended to resurrect the lost British Empire of colonies, protectorates and dependencies, marked her out indelibly as one who held the existence of others very cheaply and who ignored the sanctity of  life and the humanity of community friendship.

To celebrate one who held such negative values is to demean democracy and diminish both Christian and Jewish teachings. She claimed to be a Methodist but was in reality a member of a sect that placed money above all else.  She has been hailed in some quarters as a `conviction` politician.  So was Stalin.

Mrs Thatcher was not a person who I would  invite into my house, or to  meet my children, or to stroke my cat.

By Douglas Reed