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Published:April 16th, 2013 08:22 EST
Is Eric Williams a Lone Nut Conspirator in the Murders of Mark Hasse and Mike McLelland?

Is Eric Williams a Lone Nut Conspirator in the Murders of Mark Hasse and Mike McLelland?

By John G. Kays

With the arrest of Eric Williams on Saturday for a terrorist threat via email (traced to his home computer), sent to Kaufman County officials the day after Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia was slain in their home, we`re getting a very different picture of what may have been going on in the background of the triple murders.


The Dallas Morning News reports that County Judge Bruce Woods actually spoke with Mike McLelland at the emergency room the day Mark Hasse was shot and killed, and Mike said he knew that Eric Williams was behind the slaying.

This makes me wonder what all the brouhaha was about regarding an implied plot by the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, or even possibly the Mexican drug cartels. At one point, Mike McLelland himself had mentioned his suspicions of the Aryan Brotherhood, while also saying, he knew that Mark Hasse hadn`t played a role in the task force investigation and prosecution of the Hate Group, which culminated in a Houston courtroom. 

It`s not so unusual to think, perhaps, that Mike was downplaying his major suspicions that Eric Williams was the one behind the killing of Mark Hasse; it`s a characteristic of law enforcement to push forth decoys while they slyly pursue a clearer path of investigation, probing a more likely suspect. 

Clearly, the bate was taken by the media, however, where even our Governor made a statement implying a possibility of involvement by these previously referenced organized criminals.

Well, I do know the accusations snowballed in the media and got way out of hand, but we have to remember, there was a great deal of fear and alarm within the community, so these levels of irrationality, rumor, or random speculation are not really incomprehensible. 

I found myself thinking it was cartels too, who will shoot anyone who gets in the way of their operation. Eric Williams must have loved the deflections in the media, since they took the heat off of him (or, at least, temporarily).

We have to rethink everything now; was it Williams that Hasse was so afraid of, carrying a Glock pistol around with him when at the courthouse? And what about the black Taurus we hear, eyewitnesses saw fleeing the courthouse parking lot crime scene? 

A search warrant yielded a find of a Ford Crown Victoria vehicle inside Gibson Self Storage on Seagoville Road. This vehicle was seen on surveillance footage in McLelland`s neighborhood, on the morning the day he and his wife were killed. But I wonder whether it was actually the Ford Crown Victoria escaping the Hasse slaying?

This is a leap, I know; a Taurus and a Crown Victoria don`t look all that much alike, do they? Then again, we hear there may have been two suspects at the scene, dressed in black; or was there only one suspect? If Williams was behind this first killing, did he have accomplices? 

This doesn`t seem very likely to me. Why would anyone else be motivated to work with Eric? He was the one with a grudge against these two prosecutors. Moreover, he was in financial hot water and had no money to pay hired assassins. 

This makes me think the eyewitnesses, in the panic of the moment, didn`t accurately see the (no doubt) traumatizing event the way it happened in real time. It`s beginning to look as if this is a conspiracy of one; naturally, we`ll have to wait and see how all of the physical evidence is processed, such as the 20 guns which were confiscated from Gibson Self Storage.

One question lingering in the back of my mind, is why did Williams` hands test negative for gunpowder residue, when tested at a Denny`s the day after the killings? He must have cleaned it off good, or maybe he used gloves.