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Published:April 17th, 2013 08:18 EST
The Boston Globe Provides Accurate Coverage of the Double Marathon Bombings!

The Boston Globe Provides Accurate Coverage of the Double Marathon Bombings!

By John G. Kays

Regarding the Boston Marathon bombings, whether it was television or print news coverage, the primary source I`m referencing, for now on, is The Boston Globe. Finally, and wisely (I might add), I succumbed to an exclusive focus on the Globe for information on the horrific double bombing, that occurred in Copley Square late Monday afternoon. 

The depth of the coverage is astounding, with comprehensive articles on what the investigation has come up with so far, as well as many human interest pieces, and so many great editorials on the resilience and courage of Bostonians, in the wake of this sudden tragedy.

With so many traditional newspapers inked into the obituaries of print news (now days), it`s a little shocking to me to see such a lively and active newspaper flourishing in our country. None of these stories are syndicated, but are written by actual journalists who are working (I assume) for The Boston Globe. 

This raised my opinion of Boston to an eleven out of ten; more power to them! Other cities should look to The Globe as a role model of how it should be done; that is, they combine Old World journalism with the new electronic, internet version of the news!

This is not such an easy game to play, nor can I adequately explain it to you, other than to say my instincts tell me they`re doing it right, perhaps even better than The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal can. 

The main reason for this, is their stories are original, written by well-trained journalists, who are on the ground covering every aspect of this terrible situation, that`s a fog of horror rattling every Bostonian, every American.

The sheer quantity of false reports issued on social media has forced our hand; we look to primary sources and traditional conduits of journalism as if their old, lost friend we`ve abandoned so many years ago, and regrettably so. My training is in history, but I`m amazed by the common methods it shares with traditional journalism; that is, a pursuit of the truth must be grounded in a careful examination of primary sources. 

This looks (to me) just like what The Boston Globe is up to, employing their own staff to find out what happened on Boylston Street, instead of relying on what other media sources are saying.

The headline piece today is a great example of quality, original journalism -  `A grim hunt for answers in wake of Marathon attack.` The main writers of the piece are Mark Arsenault and Shelly Murphy, but at the end, eleven other Globe staff contributors are listed. Amazing team work! 

 I don`t know how many words it are in the story, but I printed it out and it`s seven pages long; it was posted very early this morning and must have taken them hours and hours to put together. We know a lot about the bombs now and we`re getting insight into who the makers may be.

Another Boston Globe original,  `Marathon bombings bear similarities to IED attacks,` by Bryan Bender, cites it`s connection to IED type bombs used overseas. This is a first, unfortunately, for this kind of device (an IED) on American soil. 

The making of the bomb, the use of a pressure cooker packed with nails, BBs, and metal balls, with a timer circuit board installed for detonation, guaranteeing maximum devastation, implies a great deal of sophistication and experience with those cowards who did this.

As the investigation continues, I`m going to bypass the amateurs, and go directly to a reliable source to get my news, The Boston Globe. I want to know the truth, not more pipings of internet fairy tales!