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Published:April 19th, 2013 08:10 EST
Boston Marathon Bombers Engage in a Dramatic Gun Battle in Watertown, Mass.!

Boston Marathon Bombers Engage in a Dramatic Gun Battle in Watertown, Mass.!

By John G. Kays

One Boston Marathon bomber apprehended; wrong! One was shot dead in the streets of Watertown. This week, we`ve learned to accept early news reports with sagacious skepticism. MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe appear to be getting this shocking story right now. 

Suspect in the white baseball hat still at large! Perhaps, still in Watertown, Massachusetts, or perhaps he could have fled that immediate area. Apparently, he`s abandoned the black Mercedes SUV, which he used to ram or break a police line, when making his brazen escape. This same black Mercedes was highjacked earlier in the evening in the Cambridge district of Boston.

Furthermore, but let us back up a tidbit; the two bombing suspects robbed a 7-Eleven at around 10:20 PM in the Cambridge district, then shot and killed a police officer who was responding to this robbery. Several news services said the officer was with the MIT campus police, but that will need verification. 

After fleeing this scene of robbery, a murder, and a highjacking, and with the Mercedes driver still in tow (we`re hearing, he was with them for 30 minutes, then was let go), for unknown reasons, they drifted over to Watertown.

A terrifically charged gun battle broke out with Ma State Police (or were there local police engaged also?) in a Watertown neighborhood a few hours later; the thread of the dramatic and violent narrative picks up here. Yet we wonder what were the suspects doing for those two prior hours, after getting away from the Cambridge area? 

We know they had amassed a great deal of weaponry, which included guns, hand-grenade-like explosives, and (at least one) larger pressure-cooker type of bomb, which seems to resemble the ones they used on Monday. The narrative of the riveting shootout is getting more focused (with the passage of a small bit of time).

That is especially true with the audio portion of the shootout, which MSNBC`s First Look has just shown, and which I thought to record. A rapid succession of gunfire erupts, breaking up the quiet of night, against a visual of one lone red police light (the remainder of the screen is pitch black)! 

The audio portion, however, is clear as day. Pop, pop, pop, pop! The recording device must have been a cell phone, but that needs confirming. Once again, MSNBC interviewed a very reliable eyewitness to the shootout, Andrew Kitzenberg.

Andrew watched the entire scene unfold from his house; after much gunfire exchange, a larger explosive device was tossed by the suspects towards the police, but it didn`t get too far. This exploded, generating a gigantic billow of smoke, enabling the suspects to make their getaway.

The black hatted man ran right towards the barrage of gun-shooting cops, with an explosive device strapped to his chest; he was shot to death by police in the street. News footage shows his body sprawled out on the concrete, face down. Who is he?

Early reports said a suspect was arrested, who was made to strip down naked, before the FBI questioned him. While this really may have happened, he was most certainly the wrong man. We know now, the two bombers have been in the US for a year; we don`t yet know where they came from, nor do we know their names. I suspect that information should get to us very soon. 

Naturally, we don`t know their motive yet, who they are affiliated with (if anybody), or why they so hate Americans, wanting to kill or maim as many as possible before they go down themselves. A caution to you: take initial news reports with a grain of salt, pending authentication (you can treat the author similarly, I won`t mind)! *(written at 4:30 AM)