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Published:April 19th, 2013 10:17 EST

Miracle: Muffin The Cat Survives Being Buried Alive! Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Muffin was found lying still and cold on the floor when Sarah McCallum came home. Her heart seemed to not be beating and McCallum decided she was dead. She wanted to bury her before her children came home so they wouldn`t be as upset.


She put her in a cardboard USPS box and taped it shut to ward off any pests that would try to dig up her remains.

McCallum then buried the box containing Muffin in her backyard."

Opposing Views

In my opinion Sarah acted with a wee bit too much haste. Grandpa would be well-advised not to fall into a deep sleep in McCallum`s sofa, he might wake up at a funeral home.

Sarah wanted to spare her children the sight of the "dead" cat on the floor, so she put Muffin in a box and buried the beloved pet in the backyard.

When Sarah`s kids came home from school, she explained to them that Muffin had died and she had buried her in the backyard.

Her son, Bradley, 6, decided to plant a flower near the cat`s grave. When he started digging, to plant the flower, he heard a faint meow. The child screamed, his mother came running out, and she dug out the box, and Muffin jumped out and ran off.

Little Bradley is overjoyed to get his cat back, he is the only one that Muffin would cuddle with at night. It`s safe to say that practice will continue, I`m sure for now on Muffin will give Bradley`s mom a wide berth.

The family vet believes Muffin suffered a seizure, and she is expected to live a normal healthy life. A cat surviving almost four hours being buried is a miracle akin to Lazarus coming back from the dead.

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