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Published:April 20th, 2013 12:11 EST

French Bus Drivers Strike Because Uniform Pants Are Too Tight

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Bus drivers in a French city said they will go on strike because, among other grievances, the uniform pants they are required to wear are too tight.


The drivers, who work for the public transport authority in Marseille, said Friday the company`s 1,600 employees will strike for 24-hours June 3 because they don`t approve of  `the quality, the color or the fit` of their new uniform pants."


In America bus drivers strike for better pay and health benefits, but in France where everybody is a fashionista, bus drivers strike because their uniforms are too tight.

The foppish drivers have their panties in a twist, because they weren`t consulted in choosing the new uniforms.

Harried commuters in Marseille aren`t going to lose any sleep because their bus drivers` uniforms aren`t stylish. They just want the drivers to be alert and courteous, and they won`t have any complaints as long as the drivers get them to their destination on time.

The economy is France is in worse shape than in America, the spoiled bus drivers should be glad they are employed.

There are many unemployed poor people in France, attired in second-hand clothing, and I`m sure they would love to be employed as bus drivers, even if God forbid, their uniform pants aren`t the right color.

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