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Published:April 20th, 2013 12:42 EST

French Worker Fired For Refusing To Shut Off Water For Deadbeat Customers

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A worker for a French water-supply company said he was fired for refusing to shut off water for people who couldn`t afford to pay their bills.


The man, identified only as Mark, said he was let go by Veolia Eau in Avignon after 20 years on the job in an April 4 letter citing his  `refusal to implement the cutoffs following the non-payment of bills.`

Mark said he wanted to give people without the means to pay their bills more time before shutting off their water.

The CGT trade union is supporting the worker. It said he refused to cut off the water for about 1,000 families."


Mark is an embarrassment to his employer, and to all the decent hardworking people of France.

Mark`s loyalty and responsibility should be to his employer, and not to the company`s deadbeat customers.

It`s not up to Mark to set up his own procedure for how to deal with people who don`t pay their bills on time. If all of the water company`s employees were like Mark, it would quickly go out of business.

Dude, you aren`t a social worker! Now that you are unemployed; focus on how to pay your own damn water bill.

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