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Published:April 20th, 2013 21:32 EST

Sacrilege: Stonehenge To Hire General Manager

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Britain`s Stonehenge, a major tourist attraction, will hire its first-ever general manager, English Heritage announced.


The successful candidate will have to keep the prehistoric site running smoothly and present a professional appearance with the Druids and new-agers who regularly visit the landmark."


Stonehenge is not only a major tourist attraction that annually attracts about 1 million tourists, but it`s also a Mecca for spiritual seekers of every stripe.

It`s an outrage and an affront to the gods for English Heritage to hire a bureaucrat to manage the Holy site.

Stonehenge doesn`t need a general manager; it needs a witch doctor, an Indian guru, or a pagan priest.

The new on-site GM job pays 65,000 pays almost $100,000 a year, A New Age mystic would oversee the ancient marvel for free.


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