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Published:April 21st, 2013 17:55 EST
The Artistry of NASA`s Horsehead Nebula: How Does it Compare?

The Artistry of NASA`s Horsehead Nebula: How Does it Compare?

By Ron G Anselm

Very few wannabe science buffs rarely get a chance to view some of the most amazing scenes there are in our distant galaxies. They mainly look at the abstract side of astronomy and science and when finding a new and wondrous discovery present, their new findings in a sort of ho-hum and boring way which to the average person who is not really into science or astronomy could give two hoots about the information presented. If those same wannabe science buffs learn to present the new information in an exciting and colorful way, suddenly those average people that didn`t at one-time like science or astronomy become filled with a motivational interest in this subject and want to learn more.

This is exactly what NASA just did as they took the `out of the box` thinking approach and implemented the old saying, To change something and get a different result you have to do something different " and found out they did see the old and historical Horsehead Nebula in a very different light.

NASA recently with the help of their Hubble Space telescope photographed the Horsehead Nebula using a new infrared light to celebrate and mark the twenty-third anniversary of the famous observatories launch aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery which took place back on April 24, 1990.

The Horsehead Nebula has been the iconic focus of scientist and astronomers for over a century and is as famous as a well-known author. The Horsehead Nebula has always had a certain artistic indecorum about it with its inspirational whitecaps of foam that surround the nebula like a soft blanket surrounds a baby. The nebula has always been the center of attention for armature astronomers and scientist the world over because of its stellar beauty.

Now, since NASA has viewed it using infrared light it has been the difference in looking at a Christmas tree just before turning on the Christmas lights surrounding the tree first time and then suddenly as you plug in the lights, WELLA! A magnificent sea of beauty suddenly appears and your mind goes, Wow! What just happened! This is how most art lovers feel when they view Picasso`s painting of the Mona Lisa for the first time.

NASA scientists felt this inspiration when they saw the first images of photographs recently taken using the new infrared light technology. When viewing the nebula using infrared light in space the back drop of the Horsehead Nebula is blanketed by the Milky Way galaxy and is surrounded by the many thousands of stars that flow light onto the nebula as if the light was a stream of melting chocolate flowing so smoothly a baby`s buns cold wear it as a diaper.

Wow! Reading what I just wrote makes me want to go out and ask every girl I know on a romantic date, sitting under a shade tree, sipping on wine and eating good not smelly cheese as we become one and watch the stars glisten in the night sky " got lost in the moment for a second " now back to science and this amazing nebula.

NASA has been discovering ground-breaking science for over two decades now and has been lucky to have such great technology on its side like the many space shuttle missions of the past that has given scientist so much valuable information about our galaxies and the many upgrades of new imaging technology and the new technology of high-resolution Wide Field Camera imaging that was responsible for turning out and discovering the added beauty of the recent photographs of the Horsehead Nebula.

A little about the Horsehead Nebula - it is part of the Orion Molecular Cloud which is located about fifteen-hundred light-years away in the Constellation Orion. Within the great cloud also sits other well-known objects such as the Great Orion Nebula (M42), the Flame Nebula, and last but not least, the Barnards Loop. This region of space compares the same to astronomers and scientists as does a factory full of ice cream cones does to a child. It is amazing and motivational and probably tastes good to.

If you were to get a chance to view the Horsehead Nebula through the massive telescopes of NASA this is what you might see, as you look directly at the image you would probably see the highly visible backlit wisps of the Horsehead ridge being illuminated by the Sigma Orion`s which is a very new to scientist, five-star interstellar system. As your eyes comb the complete image along the nebulas top ridge you would see two massive and bright stars peeking at you like they were two eyes peeking from around a corner and the light from those two stars would be as bright as a star`s light is sitting on top of your Christmas tree. The color surrounding the whole site would probably take your breath away.

So, if you look at Picasso famous Mona Lisa painting you will discover the hidden beauty and artistry in it that Picasso was well-known for and as you look at the Horsehead Nebula you see the same concept as the artistry and beauty reins out as if it were painted by Picasso himself.

If you`re out tonight on a date with a beautiful girl or maybe just your girlfriend (she`s probably beautiful too to you) and your both sitting under a tree in an open field alone, it is a clear and starry night, wind gently blowing and caressing your body as if the wind was a feather massaging your free-flowing juices, suddenly you make a move and kiss her (as long as she wants the kiss and doesn`t end up slapping your face like your face was a fly getting swatted by a fly swatter) look up to the night sky with one eye and if you see a star system shaped like a Horsehead maybe it`s the famous Horsehead Nebula radiating the beauty of your girlfriend within it (whether inner or outer beauty) it doesn`t matter just get romantic on her and tell her to look up at the night say and point out the nebula to her and say, Hey sweetie, look at that beautiful image. It is as beautiful as you are. " You`ll not only get an eyeful of a great site but you will also probably win brownie points with her and that will also probably lead to having a total and romantic night with her while you enjoy each other`s company.


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