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Published:April 22nd, 2013 16:31 EST
An Empathic Man?

An Empathic Man?

By Dr. Judith Orloff (Mentor)

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

Thank you for being who you are, and sharing it so eloquently and passionately! Via your blog, I would love to hear your thoughts on possible challenges specific to male empaths. 

Looking forward to your thoughts and observations! 

Atlanta, GA

Answer: Dear Kenny,

There`s nothing more attractive than a sensitive man. As an empathic man you want to hone your sensitivities while also grounding yourself in your power and setting boundaries with negative people so they don`t drain you. 

Your empathy will allow you to love more fully and be in a loving relationship more fully. But you need to have alone time in a relationship so you can feel comfortable. I write about this in my blog Relationship Tips for Highly Sensitive People from my book, Emotional Freedom. 

I hope you can lead all men through the threshold of love, sensitivity and embracing commitment without fear.