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Published:April 22nd, 2013 12:28 EST
Security Tips For Pakistan: The Keys To Survive

Security Tips For Pakistan: The Keys To Survive

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Security Tips For Pakistan: The Keys To Survive

Pakistan is a very important country for the balance and keeping peace in South Asia. If Pakistan is destroyed, the security of hole South Asia will seriously be hampered and also the security of peaceful China will be in serious risk and ultimately the security of China will be devastated. However currently Pakistan is facing serious problems regarding its internal security and we are looking that everyday the people are being killed by terrorist attacks. However, some security tips are being recommended for Pakistan which may be helpful for keeping peace and security in Pakistan.

  1. Stop Fighting With Own Citizens: Pakistan has to stop all types of fighting/ war with its own citizens by any cost. Pakistan Government may have hostility with many of its citizen-groups but all of these should be resolved with proper negotiation. It is to be noted that the western powers just consider Pakistan only for its atomic bombs otherwise  they would break the Pakistan as we break biscuits.

  1. Utilizing Supreme Court: It is being observed that Pakistan Government always have counterpart-relationship with the Hon`ble Supreme Court of Pakistan. This is very unfortunate because it is inspiring the anti pakistani groups to make Pakistan unrest. Pakistan government has to learn about the proper utilization of Hon`ble Supreme Court for the betterment of Pakistan. However there is a easy way to resolve this problem. The parliament of Pakistan can impose special advisory jurisdiction to Hon`ble Supreme Court that is Special Advisory Jurisdiction " which should be more effective than the current provisions. The provision may be like that The Hon`ble Supreme Court of Pakistan will have Special Advisory Jurisdiction " . In case of any situation, the President of Pakistan may seek advice regarding any matter related to Pakistan to the Hon`ble Supreme Court. In that case Chief Justice of Hon`ble Supreme Court will make a Special Bench which will be constituted of Chief Justice and ten Senior Judges of Hon`ble Supreme Court. Thereafter the Hon`ble Supreme Court will have to give advice within seven working days, Provided that the Hon`ble Supreme Court can not reject/refuse/return any application of the President of Pakistan regarding any advice on any matter except the matter not related with the interest of Pakistan.  

  1. Making  Special Forces: It is very bad habit of Pakistan to use Army/Military in almost every crisis which always makes very negative impact in international community. However, Pakistan should  make Special Forces and they may be named as National  Security Forces (NSF) or National  Rapid  Forces (NRF) or any other. The special forces should not have the power of taking cognizance of case as the law prescribed in Criminal Law. The government may recruit the special forces from other forces departments. The special forces should be used in all national security matters along with Police.

  1. Foreign Investment and Banking sectors: Apart from local investment, the government of Pakistan should encourage its investors to invest in different countries especially different Asian countries. The investment in different countries will help Pakistan to increase international image and economic capability of Pakistan. On the other hand the government of Pakistan should encourage Islamic Banking in Pakistan. In case observations in different countries, it has been seen that the Islamic Banking  is more sustainable than regular direct interest-based conventional Banking. However this Islamic Banking will help the un-banked muslim citizens of Pakistan which will be helpful for the betterment of the economy of Pakistan.

  1. Be Sorry To Bangladesh:  Some over-blunt politicians of West Pakistan (Currently Pakistan) are liable for the massacre in East Pakistan (Currently Bangladesh) in 1971. However, the generation of Pakistan as well as Bangladesh has to understand the reality and should turn for the betterment of both sovereign countries. The Government of Pakistan should be sorry to the Bangladesh for their illegal activities in 1971. However, it is very unfortunate that Pakistan has no role for the development of Bangladesh although Bangladesh can be one of the best strategic friends of Pakistan. Moreover the High Commission of Pakistan in Dhaka as well as the Government of Pakistan has no role for the development of Bangladesh except patronizing the anti-liberation groups in Bangladesh. However, Pakistan should abrogate all bad practices in Bangladesh. The Government of Pakistan may directly help the government of Bangladesh in many government sectors as building infrastructure- bridge,port, erasing poverty, road sectors and many others. In near future, Pakistan may give military aid to Bangladesh if bilateral relationship is developed.

  1. Ban on Satellite Phones and Foreign Networks: Pakistan has to ban all Satellite phones , Satellite based Roaming SIM inside of its territory. The foreign spies are usually using Satellite based phones to make Pakistan unrest. On the other hand the government of Pakistan has to be sincere about the trespass of foreign countries phone networks inside of Pakistan. However,apart from this matter there are also some problems, that are the use of VOIP Phones or Internet based phones through Smart Phones. Although it is very tough to control VOIP/Internet Phones  because the server of western based VOIP/Internet phones generally use ENCRYPTION which is beyond the control of Pakistan government.  However to handle this matter, the Government of Pakistan may restrict hi-speed internet connection including 3G/up in conflicting zones of Pakistan.  

  1. Making Unity Among Muslim Citizens: It is very interesting matter that, the most nearest country of Pakistan is constitutionally " Secularist " and in practice that country is totally Fundamentalist ".  On the other hand , the Pakistan is constitutionally Islamic " but in practice Pakistan is more than a Secularist State ". However, Pakistan has to give up this Dual SIM Character ". Generally the muslim citizens of Pakistan are peaceful and pious in nature but being biased by the illicit direction of western countries, Pakistan is making its citizens ferocious and influencing for terrorism. Actually it is the mistake of some blunt-politicians of Pakistan.

  1. Deploying Atomic Missiles in Kasmir: The Kashmir Problem "  is the outcome of notorious Divide and Rule Policy "  made by the British Government to make Indian Subcontinent peaceless in 1947. However considering the present circumstance, it is not possible to come to an peaceful solution because of Aggressive Pakistani Politics and complicated democracy of its closest country. In this  circumstances, highly presence of military weapons may magnify the issue between the two countries. That is why Pakistan needs to deploy Atomic Missiles in occupied Kashmir but the presence of over military soldiers may hamper the peace process of two countries. However, Pakistan should not make anything excess regarding the deployment of atomic missiles in Kashmir. It should be as the regular process to secure the sovereignty of Pakistan. It is universal truth that Kashmir Problem will never be solved in peaceful process because the western countries will never allow it in practice.

  1. Negotiation With Taliban and Relevant Groups: It is undeniably true that Pakistan is the mother of Talibans although the father is a great western country. Perhaps the it was a forceful penetration regarding the birth of the Talibans. However, due to change of the time and circumstances and also to safeguard the national security, the government of Pakistan should negotiate with the Talibans and relevant groups directly for keeping peace and security in Pakistan. Although many influential European and Western Countries will criticize this process but it is to be noted that these so-called influential countries will never do anything to ensure security to the people of Pakistan except playing game as cartoon "Tom and Jerry".

  1. Strengthening Direct Communication With China and Iran: It is undeniably true that China and Iran are the best strategic friend of Pakistan. Actually both countries will give shelter Pakistan for their mutual interest and national security. However considering  the present circumstances, Pakistan should establish direct communication as Road, Railway, Direct Communication Hotline, with China and Iran. Pakistan may make strong military agreement with the said countries which will be better to have secured Asia.  

  1. Recording the Information of Foreign Nationals: Actually considering the present circumstances it is easily be apprehended that too much foreign spies are staying in Pakistan having different types visa to make Pakistan unrest.  In this circumstances, Pakistan government should record up-to-date information about every foreign nationals staying in Pakistan including their Fingerprints. This should be applicable for all foreign persons including Embassy Officials but for the dignity of another country only Ambassador/High Commission may be skipped from this provision.

    This article is the outcome of personal research of the writer on International Politics. This article is not intended to insult or harm anybody. However, this article is dedicated for the development and peace for South Asia as well as rest of the Asia.


                                                       Written By

                                               Md. Mahmudul Hasan

                                                     LL.B(Hons), LL.M

                                          Advocate & Immigration Lawyer

                                                  Dhaka, Bangladesh

                                          Phone:  +88 011 97 39 5333