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Published:April 23rd, 2013 13:09 EST

TV Anchor, A.J. Clemente, Fired After Profanity-Laced Debut: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"In the history of first days on the job, A.J. Clemente`s won`t soon be forgotten.

The newly-hired anchor for North Dakota NBC affiliate KFYR was fired Monday, one day after opening his first day on the air with a string of bleeped words when he didn`t realize his microphone was on.


Clemente let loose with his choice words, including an f-bomb, on-air Sunday night just as his now former co-anchor, Van Tieu, introduced him to viewers as the station`s new weekend anchor."

ABC News

A.J. didn`t realize that his microphone was on, and that the cameras were rolling. It`s not like the rookie anchor uttered a single obscenity, and then recovered, with an apology and a fluid transition into reading the news.

A.J. uttered several swear words, while looking down at his script, talking over his co-anchor reading the opening announcement.

A.J. made things even more awkward by completely fumbling his opening biographical statement.

When David Ortiz (Big Pappi) of the Boston Red Sox proclaimed "This is our fuc**** city" at Fenway Park, the FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, the hometown crowd, and millions of patriots watching on live TV gave the big slugger a pass.

But when you are a rookie anchor, on your first day on the job, and you have the misfortune of looking like a 17-year-old boy, pardon my French, but you aren`t going to get away with sh**.

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