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Published:April 24th, 2013 13:16 EST
Did James Dutschke Frame Paul Curtis for the Ricin-Laced Letters?

Did James Dutschke Frame Paul Curtis for the Ricin-Laced Letters?

By John G. Kays

It`s odd, isn`t it, that charges have been dropped against Paul Kevin Curtis for sending three lethal ricin-laced letters to our President, a U.S. senator, and to a Mississippi judge? That is, obviously U.S. prosecutors wouldn`t have dropped these serious allegations, if they didn`t have good reasons for doing so. 

But who is clever enough and who is wicked enough to frame Curtis in such a way? Suddenly, this undulating, circuitous saga assumes a level of suspense far surpassing even the Boston Marathon twisted tale!

This is my impression, after having committed considerable research on the internet, both last night and bright and early this morning. The highlights, naturally enough, are Paul Kevin Curtis` press conference, where he expresses a great deal of relief for having been vindicated, even saying he didn`t know what ricin was (a lethal poison made from castor beans). 

While, reportedly, Curtis is perhaps a bit unhinged in his behavior on social media, I`m beginning to believe he is innocent of mailing these most malicious ricin letters (postmarked from Memphis, Tennessee).

If someone indeed did try to frame Curtis, this would make it a conspiracy of major proportions; and whoever did it would have to have a raging hatred for these public officials (President Barack Obama, U.S. Senator Roger Wicker, and Lee County Miss. Judge Sadie Holland), as well as a burning hatred for Paul Curtis. 

And we suspect the perpetrator had a political motive in mind, when sending these poisonous postals; moreover, it looks like the crime of a right-wing extremist. But who would use such extreme measures, really, measures that only a terrorist would employ?

The Smoking Gun and other sources (I`m looking at), such as the Clarion Ledger, are reporting authorities are investigating one James Everett Dutschke, 41, from Tupelo, Miss. Apparently, it was Curtis who pointed a finger at Mr. Dutschke, who has a criminal record and was engaged (at one time) in a feud with Curtis over items not yet entirely defined by the news.

I might point out, the Clarion Ledger will be your best, most reliable, primary source on James Dutschke, and his peppered past. The feds gave his residence a thorough inspection yesterday, which caught Dutschke off guard.

Yea, he`s a strong suspect; he ran as a Republican against Stephen Holland in 2007, who was the incumbent Democratic state representative, but failed. The connection pointing at the possibility of Dutschke as a suspect, is that one of the letters was sent to Judge Sadie Holland, who is the wife of Stephen Holland. 

The Smoking Gun reports that during the 2007 campaign, which looks like it got very heated, James D produced some tasteless, vicious videos, that pigeon-holed Holland as a bleeding liberal, who`ll give loads of welfare for illegal aliens. I hear, the videos are on YouTube, but I haven`t had a chance to see them yet.

How far to the right does James Dutschke lean? This question will require more research also; brief characterizations by the aforementioned news sources has James as a member of the NRA and the conservative Federalist Society. Furthermore, he has been photographed with Roger Wicker, former governor Haley Barbour, former Senator Trent Loft, and even Fox News stalwart, Mike Huckabee. 

Yet, even with all this, it doesn`t tell us how extreme Dutschke`s beliefs are. Also, would he be capable of sending these deadly letters? We have a mystery on our hands, that needs to be solved and fast, before another ricin-laced letter is sent!