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Published:April 26th, 2013 10:41 EST
Boston-Bombing an Islamic/Muslim/Jihadi-Terror Attack?

Boston-Bombing an Islamic/Muslim/Jihadi-Terror Attack?

By Farjana Mahbuba

I was in Chicago airport, just in front of the gate standing in the middle of a line to be boarded on American Airlines, when my husband hurried to me with a pale-face, whispered in Bangla so that no one else can understand what he was talking about.There has been a bombing in Boston! Just heard in CNN, don`t know how many died or who did it`! My instant reaction was checking my head-scarf nervously.

All the way in the flight, me and my husband, both of us were quiet. A passenger just behind me was sharing real-time update of BB (Boston Bombing) with other passengers, thanks to free Wi-Fi in domestic flights. I wanted to ask him whether there is any update of who did it and/or why, but couldn`t. Something stopped me. Something told me in my mind that I shouldn`t be uttering a single word about BB as it was so obvious that I am a Muslim.  

Yes, even though I extremely hate these bombings/killings just like any other people, but anyone, looking at my dress, my head-scarf, can instantly identify me as a Muslim and that makes me afraid! Does it sound like I`m over panicked? Well, watch CNN, you`d know what I`m talking about.

Arrived in the motel, I was glued to CNN, NBC and other American channels for an update on BB. But all I could see was the laborious attempts of the presenters to somehow link the two brothers and their family to their `religion`.  A high-school girl-friend of the younger brother was being questioned by a CNN presenter until finally she was kind of forced to say that,  yes, I saw their mother changed two/three years ago. Instead of wearing crazy-western outfit, she started to wear head-scarf`! All of a sudden, the presenter seemed so happy to find something that links the whole interview to  `Islamic-terrorism`!!  As if wearing a headscarf itself is enough evidence for a family to be associated with Islamic-extremism and in the end, terrorism!

The poor girl was asked about the perception of the mother on WTC attack! I had no idea at all how that question fitted in the BB situation! But soon after I realized, all of these are parts of a slow and steady negative psychological grooming of mass-Americans about Islam and Muslims. It is continuously being suggested to their subconscious that `Muslims` are against American national interest. That`s why the presenter was so curious to know about the mothers` perspective on WTC attack. When the girl confirmed that the mother talked about WTC attack-conspiracy-theory, the face of the presenter brightened as if he knew it! As if it is only the Muslims who believe on WTC attack-conspiracy-theory! I wished I could asked the presenter what does he think about Michael Moore and his document on 9/11 conspiracy theory?? Does he consider Michael Moore a `jihadi` too?

The motive of the Tsarnaev brothers is still unknown. But the news outlets have been busy suggesting that this was indeed a  `Jihadi-terrorist-attack` on America! But when Sandy Hook, Aurora Theater and other mass-killings happened, the first thing media suggested was a heinous act of a mad man`. All I could hear was how very important the mental health issue was! No one dragged Christianity in their analysis; no one said they were Christian-terrorist-attacks. Not a single media outlet interrogated the attackers` family and friends about their perspectives on America. No one asked them. `What do you think about America?`, the way an uncle of Tsarnaev brothers was asked, rudely and indecently.     

The same day of BB attack, there was another horrific incident in America--the Texas plan explosion that claimed as many as 35 lives. In comparison, BB attack claimed a total of 4 lives. I`m not dismissing/disparaging a single killing, but what I`m trying to say is that no life is more or less precious than the other. While the entire American nation is busy mourning the BB murdered, it is very hard to see any channel covering and/or investigating what happened in Texas, as if it is more important to talk about BB than Texas-plant explosion.

Isn`t it interesting to see how only 4 lives overcome the death of as many as 35! I`m sure those who died in Texas-plant explosion on the same day would have received thousand times more attention and sympathy if they would have died in the BB attack!  And that makes me sick. Politics everywhere, even with the dead!


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