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Published:April 26th, 2013 08:19 EST
Murder of Dr Rachael Maidens By Her Husband Randolph Maidens, an Appearance Vs Reality Saga!

Murder of Dr Rachael Maidens By Her Husband Randolph Maidens, an Appearance Vs Reality Saga!

By John G. Kays

The homicide of highly successful orthodontist, Dr. Rachael Maidens, committed by her (apparently troubled) husband, Randolph Maidens, is beginning to assume the contours of a doubled-tiered, appearance verse reality type saga, with some gaping holes in what we see verses what we know for certain. 

This discrepancy might be due to the new reality of social media, where people are able to manipulate their public image to make it look like they have picture-perfect lives, when they really don`t at all, I don`t know.

All I know really, is in this case, I`m experiencing this gaping rabbit hole with confounding bewilderment and disbelief! The news coming out of Brentwood, Tennessee, a wealthy suburb of Nashville, is at best sketchy. 

I believe, however, we can cull from the news that the murder of Rachael Maidens most likely occurred at their sprawling mansion (which looks more like a castle to me) sometime Saturday night (April 20, 2013). The perfect-lives levy leaks a trifle!

Obfuscation stands in the way of knowing for sure what Randolph Maidens` specific motives were; nor have we been told the means employed. Did he shoot her with a gun? I suspect I`m getting it right, but can`t verify the means at the time of chronicling. 

I can, nonetheless, state that Randolph looks mad as hatter in his police mug shot, which was taken on Monday, at the time of his arrest. He appears as if he was cowering in the woods late Sunday night!

Yea, the gleam in his eyes is one of an unsettling disturbance of thought process; perhaps I`m reading too much into it, but others in the media have intimated this reflexion as well. That is, with the many photographs we have of him with his terrific wife, or with his child, the contrast is startling, night and day actually!

While a mere dearth of news about the Maidens` marriage exists, three small leaks are readily available to us, that let us know things weren`t always so peachy keen at the Brentwood mansion.

In a nutshell, those three oddities are:  a DUI in February, where Randolph plowed into a transformer station with his black Infiniti, knocking out electric power for 200 homes. Three weeks before the murder, a neighbor, Cynthia Rosenblum, sees him running about the woods wearing a Ninja mask. Why was he doing this? We don`t know. 

  1. This would have to be the strange incident at the Bricks Cafe, where Maidens staggered in rather intoxicated; he had bullets in his pocket and police found a gun in the back seat of his car.

His wife bailed him out on this one; I should clarify, the police didn`t arrest him, Rachael just picked him up at the Bricks Cafe, after an unsavory scene had already been made. Does Randolph have mental issues? Does he have a drinking problem? 

The scant, available evidence suggests this is so. And then we have him apparently lying at Dendreon; they issued a statement claiming he didn`t work there. Did Randolph even have a job, or was Rachael the sole bread winner for the Maidens household?

I read all the news stories (just 9) coming out of Brentwood last night, in absolute disbelief, after coming home tired from a days` work. Perhaps 65% of the information is derived from images, many of which are synthetic or cosmetic portrayals of a promulgated world, a fantasy family life, if you will. 

To put it simply, what you see, isn`t necessarily what you get (to put it mildly)! We walk away knowing very little, almost nothing at all! The three suspects, however (in my mind), are: firearms, alcohol, and a fabrication of identity on social media. My frankness will unhinge me, I utter (to the wind)!