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Published:April 29th, 2013 12:17 EST

Lady, 80, Accidentally Swallows A Diamond: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An 80-year-old woman says she accidentally swallowed a diamond at a charity event in Tampa, Fla.


Miriam Tucker attended the 65th annual Fashionollia fashion show fundraiser April 20 when she accidentally swallowed the precious stone, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

As part of the event, the 280 attendees had a chance to win a 1.03-carat diamond, which was placed at the bottom of one glass of champagne -- all the other glasses had cubic zirconias."


My first thought wasn`t "How did they manage to retrieve the diamond", it was "What the hell is an 80-year-old lady doing at a fashion show?"

The old woman sipped a little bit of the champagne, so she wouldn`t have to stick her finger too far into the glass to pick up the precious stone, or so she claims. The truth is she may be an alcoholic who just couldn`t bear to see a glass of champagne go to waste.

Fortunately, Tucker was scheduled for a colonoscopy in a couple of days, and the doctor removed the diamond.

I`m sure the jeweler will keep the provenance of the diamond a secret.

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