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Published:May 2nd, 2013 13:02 EST

Moron Cop Gives Armless Driver Ticket For Not Wearing Seatbelt

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An armless man in western Canada says he will do whatever it takes to fight a ticket for failing to wear a seatbelt.


Steve Simonar, 55, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, who lost his arms when he was electrocuted almost 30 years ago, has a custom truck that allows him to drive, QMI News Agency reported. But he is unable to buckle up, and last week he was issued a $175 ticket."


Simonar may have lost his arms when he was electrocuted almost 30 years ago, but at least he wasn`t born without a brain like the clueless cop.

The imbecile cop should have saluted Simonar for overcoming his handicap and learning how to drive a truck, instead of slapping him with a ticket.

How does the cop expect Simonar to strap on the seatbelt without any arms?

Canadian officers have discretion not to issue tickets, but once they have done so the matter is in the hands of traffic court.

I hope the court rules in the favor of Simonar, and punishes the cop by letting Simonar kick him in the butt.

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