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Published:May 3rd, 2013 12:04 EST

Should NYC's Bike Share Program Have Weight Limit? Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Some New Yorkers said they were outraged to learn the city`s new bike share program will not allow any riders weighing more than 260 pounds.


The city Department of Transportation program, which begins this month, requires those who sign up for $95 per year or $25 per week to sign a contract stating users must not exceed maximum weight limit [260 pounds]," the New York Post reported Thursday."


I can see both sides of this issue; on the one hand you don`t want to be stuck in traffic behind a 300-pound woman who is pedaling her bike slower than molasses.

Will New York City`s bike share program quickly go bankrupt if obese persons are allowed to participate? Who is going to pay for the bikes that obese riders destroy?

On the other hand, if overweight individuals are allowed to participate in the bike share program, hopefully they will lose weight from all the exercise before they can do serious damage to the bikes.

Every New Yorker, the obese as well as those of normal weight, will benefit from the bike share program. The solution is simple: The city should purchase heavy-duty bikes and do away with the weight restrictions.


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