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Published:May 5th, 2013 15:32 EST

Man Bites Dog: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Iowa man says he resorted to biting a vicious dog on the nose to rescue his wife and their beagle.


Caren Henry of Grimes was walking their dog Kandy the evening of April 28 near rural Madrid when a 50- to 60-pound Labrador mix came racing across a yard and attacked her, WHO-TV, Des Moines, reported Saturday. The dog bit her on the thigh and abdomen before chomping off half her nose and then going after Kandy, she said."


This isn`t a story about Barack Obama resorting to his childhood practice of chomping down on a dogburger, nor is it a tale about a dude who went completely bonkers.

It`s an account of a man, Laine Henry, who loves his wife and his pooch so much that he risked serious personal injury by biting a dog on the nose, because the brute wouldn`t let go off his pet.

When the cowardly canine got a taste of his own medicine he let go, and Henry quickly grabbed his pooch and his wife, put them in his truck and sped off.

Laine is recovering from a bite to his arm, and his poor wife will need several reconstructive surgeries to fix her nose.

What would you have done under similar circumstances? I wouldn`t have bit the animal on the nose, but I usually wear steel-toe boots, and I would have kicked that cur to death.

The wild dog is still on the loose, let`s hope it will be caught soon!

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