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Published:May 6th, 2013 13:43 EST
NASA Predicts Weird Weather Patterns in Various Parts of the World Due to Global Warming

NASA Predicts Weird Weather Patterns in Various Parts of the World Due to Global Warming

By Ron G Anselm

Global warming as we all know and have heard for the last few years has caused our worldly climates to behave like out of the control hormones and has been the focal point of some of the weirdest weather patterns ever seen by scientists and these types of weather behaviors just keep on rolling.

Now, NASA and a new modeling study focusing on the effects of global warming and the trends of extreme rainfall amounts in certain regions of the world have found that because of the effects global warming has on our environment it has increased the levels of carbon-dioxide and as a result has sparked the increase of extreme rainfall amounts and at the same time has also caused extreme drought conditions all over the world.

NASA used computer simulations to study fourteen climate models from around the world and after studying the data found out the areas in the equatorial Pacific Ocean and Asian monsoon regions are predicting that these locations will experience an increased amount of precipitation as a result of global warming.

The days of just waking up in the morning, looking outside while holding your sweet cup of morning java and watching the little dewy raindrops fall so smoothly and softly are probably gone forever, hopefully not but with the effects hat global warming is having on those sweet rainy days you never know what is going to happen next every time you look outside and see an approaching front. Will it be a light rain and just pass or will it be a monsoon and soak us out of hose and home?

I know here in Alabama the once normal rainstorms have developed into soaking ground busters that last all night and most of the next day and that is really out of the ordinary for our weather patterns here, so global warming probably has reached out to us here in the Deep South and is saying, "Just wait Y`all for that next little spring shower where you think you can go out on your patio and enjoy those once small little cool misty raindrops while drinking that Southern sweet tea, No way man. I am going to throw a Rain buster at you where you will have to attach pontoons to the bottom of your house just to keep it from leaving its foundation and turning into a raft on a white water rafting excursion!"

 On the other hand scientists are also predicting arid land areas outside the tropics to have a much drier climate due to the effects of global warming. So, Mother Nature is messing with one part of our world and comforting the other.

The culprit for this phenomenon is again the increase amounts of carbon-dioxide levels in our atmosphere. William Lau of NASA`s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and who is also the lead author of this new study by NASA commented on this, "In response to carbon dioxide-induced warming, the global water cycle undergoes a gigantic competition for moisture resulting in a global pattern of increased heavy rain, decreased moderate rain, and prolonged droughts in certain regions." (Lau, W.)

So, there are really three actions going on at the same time here and causing this weird weather pattern. What happens is carbon-dioxide induced warming takes place and now scientists are predicting for every one degree Fahrenheit of carbon-dioxide induced warming in those locations that NASA is predicting to increase the rainfall amounts, heavy rainfall will increase by three point nine percent and light rain will increase globally by one percent.

In those locations that NASA is predicting for the normal rainfall amount to decrease, the amounts being predicted will decrease by four point nine percent. So, there really is an unbalance trend occurring in our normal weather patterns. I am wondering what this upcoming spring season will bring here in Alabama. We normally have thunderstorms and a lot of those are your normal strong to severe storms that welcomes in the normal tornado season that keep us on our toes but with the weather patterns changing due to global warming and those patterns are seemingly increasing in strength, I guess I better clear out a good spot in my bedroom closet because I have a feeling living here in the Deep South this spring will be like running across the 405 freeway in Los Angeles during rush hour trying to dodge Mack Trucks (in this case tornados) because those spring tornados here will probably be running as wild as a horney hippie in a nudist colony!

Lau continued to comment on this by saying, "Large changes in moderate rainfall, as well as prolonged no-rain events, can have the most impact on society because they occur in regions where most people live. Ironically, the regions of heavier rainfall, except for the Asian monsoon, may have the smallest societal impact because they usually occur over the ocean." (Lau, W.)

Lau continued, "But if we look at the entire spectrum of rainfall types we see all the models agree in a very fundamental way -- projecting more heavy rain, less moderate rain events, and prolonged droughts." (Lau, W.)

With the ongoing effects of global warming expect anything and everything out of the ordinary to happen. We have seen our environment act like it just took five shots of Tequila and is three sheets to the wind when it comes to how our normal ecosystems, and the critters that live within those ecosystems and environments behave and we now see more of our weather acting as if it too was in a beer drinking contest and some bar and has gone from being a little tipsy to an all-out drunk when it comes to the normal way it functions.

This upcoming spring and summer weather season should prove to be the messenger of how global warming has and continues to effects our normal weather patterns.



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