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Published:May 6th, 2013 12:16 EST

NYC Radio DJ Mister Cee Busted For Soliciting Male Prostitute Declares: I'm Not Gay! Yeah, Right

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York City radio DJ was arrested after he was allegedly caught soliciting a male prostitute in Brooklyn on Thursday.


Calvin LeBrun, 46, aka Hot 97 s  `Mister Cee` was arrested in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn after he reportedly approached an undercover cop who was posing as a gigolo.

In April 2011, he was caught by police receiving oral sex from another man in a car, though he denied it at the time."

Daily Mail

Mister Cee`s arrest gave him an opportunity to man up and come out of the closet, but instead the cowardly DJ emphatically announced "I am not gay" on the radio the next day.

Dude, if you`ve been busted twice in three years for trying to pick up a male prostitute, you are gay. There`s nothing wrong with being gay, be proud of who you are and stop living a lie.

Gays get almost no condemnation for staying in the closet, but I think it`s cowardly for gays and lesbians to cower in the closet.

Not that I expect every gay and lesbian to announce "I`m Gay", but by the same token it`s wrong for them to flat out lie and declare "I`m not Gay."

I have a light complexion and could easily pass as white, but I`d rather be dead than deny my ethnic heritage. If I tried to pass as white, I wouldn`t blame my Hispanic friends for denouncing me.

Dude, 7-year-old Honey Boo Boo Child has more balls than you, who can forget her immortal words: Ain`t nothing wrong with being a little gay, everybody is a little bit gay.

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