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Published:May 8th, 2013 08:20 EST
How Could Ariel Castro Conceal his Kidnapping Crimes for a Decade? Or Did He?

How Could Ariel Castro Conceal his Kidnapping Crimes for a Decade? Or Did He?

By John G. Kays

Unbelievable! Yet, we know it did happen; the kidnapping and captivity of Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, and Gina DeJesus by the Castro bothers in Cleveland, Ohio was concealed for 10, 9, and 11 years respectively. 

Amanda Berry`s sudden and dramatic escape from the spooky frame house, which is in foreclosure, seems to spring forth in the news as if it`s a fictionalized horror movie, say Sam Raimi`s The Evil Dead, but no, it`s vivid, startling non-fiction. `This is real,` I keep reminding myself!

I was having trouble accepting the kidnapped women`s story as real; and then we have the hero neighbor`s account of how he rescued Amanda and the others going viral and charging this entire nightmare scenario with an added layer of surreality!

I might add, Mr Ramsey conducted himself (with news reporters) professionally and responsibly, but he naturally has a bit of Show Biz engrained in his DNA, that leads us to skepticism for what we are witnessing on our television screen.

Nobody is lying, but the media is running with the ball, sensing this is one of the biggest stories to hit the wire since who knows when, say the Lindbergh kidnapping! And the neighbors who live around this Ariel Castro character (who`s assuming the role of a dastardly, but clever villain now) aren`t helping matters any by saying they were clueless. Yet, we know, not all of them were clueless, but nothing was done.

I sense Israel Lugo knew things were not quite right (CNN  `I never forgot about you`); Israel saw Ariel Castro carrying bags of McDonald`s food (quite often, it sounds like) to the house. Well, I assume Israel probably wondered how Castro could eat so many Big Macs. 

Furthermore, Lugo saw Castro with a child and he (Ariel) told him the kid was his girlfriend`s. From the same CNN report, we hear that Lugo called the police once in November 2011, when he heard some yelling emanating from this (bad vibe) house.

Yea, I had to scratch my head for a minute; it doesn`t look as if all the neighbors had the wool pulled over their eyes completely. As reporters dig deeper as to what people knew, the claim that they were entirely fooled by the Castro brothers doesn`t hold too much water. 

The excellent report filed by CNN (written by Matt Smith, Greg Botello, and Martin Savidge [one of the best investigative journalists I`ve ever seen]), undermines this claim of ten years of continuous inconspicuousness.

That is, another neighbor, Nina Samoylicz, saw a naked woman in the backyard, thought it was a little weird, then called the police. The Cleveland police have no record of this call, which adds a further level of weirdness to this  `naked woman incident.` 

Not to raise any red flags about the competency of the Cleveland Police Department, but I`ve already cited two cases where neighbors called the police, with suspicions of some unusual goings on at the Castro house (in their possession), and no proper investigation was conducted.

The unveiling of Pandora`s Box, a din of iniquity, captivity, sexual enslavement and whatever else we can throw in (once a thorough investigation has been completed) is still fresh in the news, only two days away from discovery. Therefore, any levels of objectivity and accuracy are questionable, until we can get over the initial shock of what just happened, and line up the facts with level minds, dating back to Michelle Knight`s abduction (she vanished on August 22, 2002). 

In the meantime, and until we can get a grip for what is real, our heads are spinning like a Merry-Go-Round-From Hell! Detachment is thrown out the window until we can rewind the tape, watching an instant replay of cunning evil, incompetency, egregious errors, and blatant disregard for the rights of women. Well??? Dizziness please dissipate!