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Published:May 8th, 2013 21:26 EST
Let 365 Amazing Affirmations Bring You Needed Change

Let 365 Amazing Affirmations Bring You Needed Change

By Keith Johnson

Change is the keyword we all face everyday. Whether we are students, working a job, maintaining a career, or have diverse activities throughout the day, staying on top of our game is important. This way, we accomplish what we need to accomplish and this in turn makes life better. However, we all face obstacles of diverse types that must be dealt with. 

According to legendary speakers like Wayne Dyer and Oprah Winfrey, affirmations are the most proven and time-tested approach to dealing with obstacles and mapping out steps we can take pragmatically to accomplish our goals and go from Point A to Point B, no matter what. 

My recent book 365 Amazing Affirmations contains affirmations not only for a calendar year, but also for a calendar day - yes, a calendar day. In theory, you can recite each of these affirmations each day, from the moment you rise in the morning to the end of the day and as you turn in. 

You can feel how each affirmation has its place and importance and from there you can map your tasks and success with a solid and positive thought at the foundation. Here is the books` webpage at Create Space by Amazon.

Happy Reading, and Have a great 2013 ahead!

Best Wishes and Best Regards,
Keith Johnson
M.S. Education, Senior Tech Writer & Software Trainer
South Florida, USA