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Published:May 9th, 2013 08:13 EST
Did Jessica Lynn Heeringa, Abducted from a Exxon Mobil, Know her Assailant?

Did Jessica Lynn Heeringa, Abducted from a Exxon Mobil, Know her Assailant?

By John G. Kays

Jessica Lynn Heeringa, 25, has been missing since late Friday night, April 25th, when she was working her usual shift at at an Exxon Mobil gas station (1196 E. Sternberg Road) in Norton Shores, Michigan. 

The police suspect she was abducted, since they found a small amount of Jessica`s blood on the scene of the Sternberg Exxon Mobil. One other important clue, that she was abducted, is a witness saw a man talking with her (at this place and in this timeframe).

Just yesterday (it`s been nearly two weeks now since Jessica vanished), DNA analysis of a blood sample found at Sternberg Exxon Mobil confirmed it was that of the 25-year-old mother, Jessica Heeringa. 

The police also have a surveillance video, released on May 2nd, of a grey or silver minivan seen at the scene of this incident (more obviously, the crime), that pinpoints exactly when Jessica vanished from her work locale at the gas station.

Authorities have a culled from the video (and perhaps from an eyewitness) what looks to me like a fairly accurate description of the suspect; a stocky (broad shoulders and a heavy build) white man between 30 and 40 years old, with light brown or sandy blond, wavy hair. 

Well, you know how these police sketches frequently go, but the rendering of the suspect`s face looks crisp and candid, clear as day to me.

Later on, after the culprit is apprehended, we are often startled and a wee bit disappointed, when the police sketch matched against a more accurate photograph, do not particularly synch too well together. 

A good example that comes to mind, is The Son of Sam 45 Killer; unto this day, some investigators and writers or researchers are not totally convinced David Berkowitz did all the Sam shootings. This is due to the confusion caused by the sundry (unalike) sketches, which to many of us suggest different gunmen.

The only reporting I read of on this all important eyewitness, Christian VanAntwerpen, who was working next door to Jessica when she disappeared, came by way of an ABC article and video, published on May 8th: Jessica Heeringa`s Blood Found at Scene Where Missing Mom Vanished, by Kevin Dolak and Alyssa Newcomb. 

Reading between the lines, it appears (to me) as if Christian was initially somewhat reluctant to come forth with his spotting of a troubling scenario, where he sees suspicious behavior on the part of this elusive silver minivan man.

That is, Christian probably only realized afterwards, once he processed what he`d seen, that it was pertinent and evidential, with regards to the sudden vanishing from work of this young woman, Jessica Lynn Heeringa. VanAntwerpen characterized it as a form of flirting (now he must see it in a different light), since it seems as if Jessica was out at the pumps, not inside the store.

Christian sensed the suspect knew her; authorities are morphing toward this belief as well. With this in mind, this man had most likely premeditated her kidnapping.

Further support for this take on the crime, is that Jessica`s purse and keys remained in tact in the store, as well as a register with all the cash taken in for the day still there. Therefore, robbery can be eliminated as a motive for taking her away. Yet, one wonders where or when Jessica may have come in contact with this not so nice man? 

It appears as if the authorities have some good evidence that will lead them to this guy who`s done this, unless the van was stolen and the sketch misses the boat for accuracy (which is, unfortunately, often the case). Who would do this? Why would he do it? Let`s hope an answer comes soon.