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Published:May 9th, 2013 10:31 EST

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong: Psy Is The Herpes Of Music: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After a successful stint in rehab, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has triumphantly returned to the stage in March and reconnecting with fans on the road without incident " until now.


Taking to his Instagram account, Armstrong posted a picture of K-pop star Psy, and what he had to say about the  `Gangnam Style` hit-maker was far from congratulatory.

`This dude is the herpes of music,` Armstong wrote.  `Once you think it`s gone, it comes back.` "


Billie Joe Armstrong`s comment is intemperate, politically-incorrect and mean, but it`s 100 percent spot on.

South Korea`s K-pop`s music scene is an affront to the Almighty and an abomination to music. South Koreas` insipid K-pop teen stars are a bigger threat to world peace and harmony than North Korea`s nuclear arsenal.

Psy`s hit "Gangnam Style" video went viral, becoming the most watched video in history with over a billion views on YouTube.

Psy is a one-trick pony, a one-hit wonder, and everybody in the world realizes it, except him. Psy`s follow-up to "Gangnam Style", "Gentleman"  was a lackluster effort that didn`t start a new dance craze or excite music lovers.

Green Day`s punk rock will never hit it big in a bland and homogenous country like South Korea. For God`s sake South Korea: Keep your K-pop and your Psy to yourself. We like your music as much as we like herpes.

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