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Published:May 10th, 2013 16:04 EST
5 Life Success Lessons - Wisdom From A Wise Mom

5 Life Success Lessons - Wisdom From A Wise Mom

By Jay Forte


As I write this, it is early "just after 6 am. I am in New England, in Putnam CT, at my Mom`s house. Today, she turns 80. And as in all good Italian families, my siblings are all flying in from around the country to celebrate " to celebrate her birthday, our family, her impact and her wisdom as a remarkable mother.


We tried to keep the party a surprise, but when you are the mother of six, you seem to have this natural ability to always know what is going on. Somehow, she knew things about her party that some of my siblings didn`t even know. This sets the stage to share some great wisdom from someone "from a powerful, loving and capable mother" who has lived a long time, has learned much and never misses an opportunity to share what she knows. Mom is a wonderful cook " so you`ll see that so much of her wisdom involves food. We`re Italian ..what can I say?


1.      You are as old as you think you are. Though Mom turns 80 today, there is nothing about her (save some really gray hair) that makes anyone think she is 80. Her cooking, gardening and painting has her up and down stairs, in and out of the house, all around town and doing what she loves. When you wake up happy in life, you stay young. When you do things you love, you stay young. When you treat yourself with care and respect, you stay young. When you eat really good food (she means healthy), you stay young. Age is a number; being and feeling young is a mindset. As she says, the greater the age, the better the bragging rights.

2.      Be interested in others. Ask questions and be interested in the answers. Learn to listen. Show up and be present with the people in your life. Not only do they have information to help you learn how to do life well, but they are also the treasures of life. It`s the people in our lives, not the things, that make life amazing. Remember the important things in others` lives. Stay connected, send a card, make a call, bake something, share some soup.

3.      Treasure your family. Our families are in our lives for a reason. They keep us supported and strong; we learn respect, manage our emotions, share, support, love and celebrate. Families are the training ground for living a great and happy life. We learn how to successfully be in the world from our time with our families. And in the process, we find those we can rely on and count on in every day of life.

4.      Do great things with your life. Each day we have the opportunity to bring our best to the world. Never miss it. Learn what you are good at by trying new things and experiencing life. Then show up with your A-game to all that you do. Since you do not get this day back, make each day outstanding by improving any part of the world you touch. Inspire people to step up and stand out in life.

5.      Be grateful for whatever you have. There will always be those who have more and those who have less. It isn`t what you have that matters; it is how grateful you are for what you have. This is the reason to say grace or thanks before a meal. It is the same reason why every time you look at your spouse, partner, kids or friends, you should smile and think how blessed you are that they are in your life.


Though today is Mom`s birthday and we are celebrating her, we are mostly celebrating what she (and other mothers) have taught us to be ready to live our own versions of great and happy lives. Think young. Be great. Inspire others. Be grateful. Treasure people. And mostly live around the table " because all important things can be discussed, debated, invented or solved over some kind of pasta or roasted chicken and finished with biscotti.


Celebrate, applaud and learn from the powerful women in your lives.