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Published:May 10th, 2013 13:05 EST
Keeping Up with your Home and Career Responsibilities

Keeping Up with your Home and Career Responsibilities

By SOP newswire2


As Americans navigate the ever-changing job landscape, most are finding that being a lifelong student is an important factor in their job security. While less than a generation ago it was still common to find your long-term career outside of your college field of study, advancement in your career now often requires not only continued training but also pursuit of additional degrees. While not every career track requires new certifications or graduate degrees, almost any job is demanding more and more investment of time and energies to simply remain in your current position, let alone achieve a promotion.


Between continued studies and the increased workload necessary to excel in your career, it can be overwhelming to come home to a house or apartment in need of cleaning. Many Americans feel like they are one spilled coffee or glass of wine away from a nervous breakdown by the end of the week, and when a spill finally strikes, it can feel like the Internet is your only friend. Between browsing stain removal tips or looking for a stain removal guide, you come to realize that managing a career and a household can be a very, very lonely proposition these days.


Even if you have a partner or family to help share in the housecleaning responsibilities, you need a break. As likely as not, your household needs two incomes and balancing two workloads (or school loads) leaves you little enough time to enjoy together. Finding a good house-cleaning guide can help you identify and efficiently distribute the work, or even show you a way to make a date night out of your chores. While there are many timesaving house-cleaning tips to be found online, sometimes it`s easier to just get some help from an expert.


For a lot of people, the idea of hiring cleaning services is reserved for the very wealthy. In reality, having time to keep up with all your housework is the new luxury, while most people find that bringing in a service can help save their sanity. Even if it`s a quick touch up once a week, having a hand with the housework can make a world of difference. Of course, it`s important to find the right service for you.


Identifying the right cleaning service to fill your needs comes down to a matter of one you know you can trust. It is after all your home, so that means a lot more than just knowing that they won`t steal or damage your property. Fortunately, the availability of online information that drives your need to be a lifelong learner in most career paths also provides a wealth of reviews and feedback about a number of great cleaning services to help you find the one that`s right for you.


By Dave Bonner   


Dave Bonner lives with his beautiful wife in the western Philadelphia suburbs. His wife is completing her PhD, while Dave holds the walls up doing double duty as a small business owner and, when possible, stay at home dad to their adorable eleven-month-old puppy, Ally. While his wife finishes her studies, Dave continues to expand his company`s offered services in order to stay competitive in his ever-evolving field.