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Published:May 10th, 2013 12:23 EST

Pets Cut Heart Disease Risk: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Anyone wanting to live longer and cut their risk of suffering from heart disease might want to consider getting a pet.


The American Heart Association (AHA) issued a scientific statement on Thursday saying owning a pet may help to decrease a person`s risk of suffering from heart disease and is linked with lower levels of obesity, blood pressure and cholesterol.

`Pet ownership, particularly dog ownership, is probably associated with a decreased risk of heart disease,` Glenn N. Levine, a professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, said in a statement."


When I come home from work after a hard day`s work and I discover that my pooch has chewed up the remote control and that my cat has scratched my new coffee table, my heart skips a beat and I can feel my blood pressure rising.

Pets can be mischievous and destructive, and at times you may wonder, "Why did I ever adopt them?"

But when I`ve had a really bad day, my pets sense my discomfort, and my cats` purring and my dog`s slobbering all over me, let`s me know that no matter how awful things get, I still have my three buddies.

If your feline just coughed up a hairball on your laptop and your canine just had an accident on the living room carpet, don`t put up a "Free Pets" message on Craigslist. When your friends don`t have time for you, and your spiritual adviser won`t return your calls, your pets will always be there to shower you with love.

If you don`t have a pet, and you want to lessen the risk of suffering from heart disease, adopt a pet from an animal shelter today.

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