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Published:May 11th, 2013 14:26 EST

Pungent Pot Makes Spanish Cops Ill

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A major haul of marijuana apparently sickened Spanish police officers in the station where it was being stored, the police union said.


The union said the ministry of health was not moving quickly enough to destroy large drug caches seized by officers."


The cops complained of headaches, nausea and inability to concentrate ever since 600 pot plants were seized in a drug raid and stored at the police station.

You don`t have to be a physician or a rocket scientist to discern that the answer to the police officers health problems is staring right at them: Dudes smoke some medicinal marijuana.

The cops need to invite Snoop Dogg and his pals to spend a night at the jail; they will move quickly to make the weed disappear.

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