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Published:May 11th, 2013 12:20 EST

Will Lindsay Lohan Escape From Betty Ford Clinic Because Her Adderall Was Taken Away? Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan`s Adderall nightmare appears to be very real.

The Betty Ford Center have cut off her precious supply, after evaluating her this week and determining that she does NOT need her ADHD pills.


Now she`s allegedly planning to bolt from the place ASAP."

Hollywood Gossip

The Betty Ford Center almost never gives patients over age 15 the powerful drug, due to its addictive qualities. Granted the troubled thespian acts like a teenager, but she should stop whining and get with the program.

LiLo`s fit over the rehab center`s wise decision to wean her from Adderall shows that she`s not serious about overcoming her addiction problems. By the way, the pop tart was also looking for a rehab center that allows patients to smoke. The train wreck might as well search for a rehab center that gives patients a swag bag containing a designer bong and needles and syringes upon admission.

Lohan hasn`t starred in a mainstream movie in years, but her personal life is certainly fodder for Lifetime type movies.

Lindsay Lohan scheming to escape for the Betty Ford Center would make a compelling Lifetime flick. Amanda Bynes could play Lilo, Gary Busey could play an orderly who helps her escape, Paris Hilton could play her lesbian love interest, and Justin Bieber would be ideal in the role of a patient seeking to overcome his addiction to sucking on pacifiers. LiLo could be cast in a cameo as a crackhead trying to break into the rehab center for a taste of the sweet life.

I hope Lohan escapes from rehab, and gets thrown in jail.


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