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Published:May 12th, 2013 12:37 EST

Outrage: Housing Complex Bans Bikini-Clad Hotties

By Robert Paul Reyes

"New York City tenants said they are fighting over whether women in bikinis should be able to sunbathe in the housing development`s parks.


Mothers that take their children to the green space in the Stuyvesant Town said the scantily clad women make them uncomfortable, and the head of the tenants` association agreed.

Last weekend, security guards kicked tanners out after a kids` soccer league complained, the Post reported."


When a small, one-bedroom apartment goes for $3,555 per month, a woman should be allowed to sunbathe in the nude in the housing development`s parks.

Moms that take their kids to the parks within the complex complain that the bikini-clad women make them uncomfortable. I`m sure most of the residents would complain that screaming children make them feel uncomfortable.

It`s an outrage that security guards kicked sunbathing lovelies out after a kids` soccer league complained.

How about it my faithful readers, would you rather have women in bikinis or unruly children in your favorite park?

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