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Published:May 14th, 2013 16:51 EST
Fallout From Fukushima, Japan Nuclear Disaster Still Haunting Us?

Fallout From Fukushima, Japan Nuclear Disaster Still Haunting Us?

By Ron G Anselm

Ever hear about a major news event that happens somewhere in the world and the major piece of news broadcasts all over the Internet, hits the nightly news for weeks and then suddenly you don`t hear about it anymore and it is forgotten? Yes, this happens all the time and one major tidbit of news that rocked the world was the nuclear disaster that happened in Fukushima, Japan a couple of years ago. 

Forgot about it? I`m sure you and about fifty million other people have also but the fallout from this nuclear disaster is not completely over just yet. If anyone is familiar with the effects of nuclear facilities, nuclear bombs or anything nuclear and if you put to and two together, what is the one harmful element that goes right along with anything nuclear? Radiation. Being exposed to radiation is probably the same as going into a science laboratory and drinking from a vial marked `Do Not Touch, Extremely Harmful!` Will Cause Cancer among `Other Out of the Ordinary Health Problems and Effects!` And then of course the symbol with the skull and cross bones would be right above that warning. That is how harmful the effects of radiation exposure are to the human body and this is just one of the many effects radiation could have on you if you were exposed to it. 

The effects radiation from the nuclear disaster that happened in Japan is still out there in our ecosystems off our West Coast. Scientists even said a lot of the seaweed that surrounds the deep blue sea and around the coast is even polluted with the effects of traces of radiation. 

The radiation effects have even spread to the West Coast of Canada. The Vancouver Sun reported a year ago that the seaweed that was tested from the waters off the coast of British Columbia had four times the level considered to be safe of radiation. This was the last report given, so we have not had an update has to if the levels of radiation have increased since then or the possibility the levels may have dropped a little. 

Our government and the government of Canada are not conducting ongoing tests for radiation in areas that were found to have high concentrations of it and that have been deemed to be unsafe for radiation exposure. This is really unbelievable to me because it is not only the duty of the government in any country to protect its citizens but also would indicate that the reasons the governments are not performing ongoing tests for radiation when they darn well know there is a big and dangerous problem with it out there is because of political reasons. It is also the duty of governments to release any potential problems to the public and we also have not seen any reports put out there to the media. 

I read on the Internet that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has agreed to keep purchasing seafood from Japan despite the food is not being tested for radioactive contamination. Last November there was independent testing done on the seafood caught off the coast of Japan and sixty-five percent of it showed high levels of what is known as cesium which is a radioactive material. 

I also read on the Internet that instead of refusing to purchase this contaminated seafood from Japan until the problem is fixed and cleaned-up that both the government of Canada and our country just raise the acceptable level of radiation which then would make it good to go to say that the seafood is within limits of safety but I only read this I am not personally saying they are doing this and I don`t know if this is true or not but if it is true then to me would be very unacceptable. 

As a result of all this hype about the problems with radiation floating around of our coast and the Canadian coast a few scientists decided to start their own research since the governments were not going to and those rouge scientists secured private funding and went out on their own to perform their own post-accident testing. They found out the Cesium levels had raised to an unbelievable high of forty-five million times the level of normal and before the nuclear disaster happened in Japan. 

Those same scientist went back and performed further testing for cesium levels and found that those high levels did level off for a while but then stayed at a rate of ten-thousand times the levels of they once were before the nuclear disaster. I think the government thought that the oceans would basically dilute the cesium radiation and eventually it would all just go away but from the results of the testing it seems since the levels are still ten-thousand times what they once were before the accident happened obviously the oceans are not diluting the high concentration levels and there probably are still more radiation being released into the oceans. 

So, what does this mean for you and I? Well, here are some suggestions according to sources from the Internet that you can do to protect yourself. 

1). When it comes to buying seafood, question the origin of that seafood you are buying. Where did it come from, Japan or even out of the Pacific Ocean? I it did maybe you want to lean towards buying beef or chicken instead.

2). The water that you drink from your faucet has not been treated to get rid of any radiation levels if any so maybe buy a filter system or maybe go to Wal-Mart and buy bottled water instead of drinking tap water. 

3). Dairy Products and Produce - I read that some of the dairy products from the West Coast may have high levels of radiation in them. Remember, milk comes from Cows, cows eat grass and of vegetation that are watered. I that water has any level of radiation in it so will the cows when they produce milk.

I am not saying to not buy any dairy products, seafood, produce, or drink the tap water from your apartment or house that`s up to you but it is probably a good idea to just be aware if all of this information I took from sources from the Internet is credible. 


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