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Published:May 14th, 2013 08:21 EST
Was the Scene of a Quadruple Homicide in Waynesville, Ind. Really a Meth Lab?

Was the Scene of a Quadruple Homicide in Waynesville, Ind. Really a Meth Lab?

By John G. Kays

Initially, and following the shocking news of Saturday`s (May 11) quadruple gunshot homicide in rural Waynesville, Indiana (50 miles south of Indianpolis), very little information was disclosed. An emptiness, a festering, lingered in the air as I scrambled the internet in search of some clues as to how and why these four people were coldly slaughtered in their own humble brick home. 

Yet video footage of the scene with the usual yellow crime tape draped about the house spoke volumes, but I couldn`t make out what was said. Well, finally the names and pictures of the victims were disclosed: Katherine Burton, 53, Thomas W. Smith, 39, Aaron Cross, 41, and Shawn Burton, 41. 

I learned all four victims lived in this house together, but I wondered what brought them together, or what linked them together; was it mainly personal, or was it an economic bondage?

I was lurching in darkness here; something wasn`t right here, but neighbors (as reported in the news) weren`t saying too much. Well, I sensed they were scared and rightfully so; but I also sensed they knew a little more than they cared to say when a microphone was stuck in their face. While little tricked forth in the way of a feasible explanation, a back story seemed to ooze forth like a misty grey fog, ever so gradually! 

Perhaps, histrionics are uncalled forth, but this was how the Waynesville quadruple homicide was affecting me; then I remembered it was Mother`s Day, and this apparently reinforced the gruesomeness (by way of contrast) of what had just happened the day before.

No one heard the sound of gunshots fired on Saturday, unless they were keeping it too themselves. Well, the other problem is, there wasn`t a great deal of coverage from local reporters; not much out there, I guess.

Finally, a more complete narrative of events was posted yesterday by the Indianapolis Star, 4 found fatally shot in Bartholomew County home, by Michael Boren. Now I had something to grab on to, thank you Michael Boren!

He mentions No Trespassing signs cover some of the windows, and then one that reads Disaster Area;  `now we`re getting somewhere,` I thought to myself. Alright, so I better not forget to mention the three (mean) dogs chained to the fence.

This reporter and writer is just observing the scene, he`s not putting any spin on how we are to interpret these suggestive signs. Well, you and I are on the same page, and we know it; the physical and personal setting hints at some kind of drug operation, possibly a speed lab.

Obviously, that hasn`t been yet proved, but read on carefully in Boren`s piece and you get a bigger bite; a neighbor, Stevie Furkin, thought he`d smelled anhydrous ammonia emanating from the Burton house.

Furthermore, one of the victims, Shawn Burton, had a prior on illegal possession of anhydrous ammonia (one ingredient for cooking meth), dating from March of 2007. I was making another connection, although still a bit fuzzy; it seems the next door neighbor, Stevie Furkin, is a half-brother to Shawn Burton.

Now a light bulb was burning brightly in my head; from The Republic I learned that in October of 2008, Shawn Burton had shot Carl Furkin (I take it, he`s Stevie`s brother) in the stomach.

This put a notion in my head, which I`m not exactly sure of. I was making a connection, but what was it? The final straw, piling up my confusion considerably more, was another neighbor, Jane Rayburn, told the Indy Star something had frightened her this past week. I took that to mean, some odd activity at the Burton house was the source of her fear. Moving in closer, but where are we going?