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Published:May 16th, 2013 08:15 EST
Who In Our Government Leaked Vital Information to the Associated Press?

Who In Our Government Leaked Vital Information to the Associated Press?

By John G. Kays

As we debate whether it was right for the Justice Department to bypass the courts, and directly subpoena confidential phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors, possibly the most important question is, who was the person inside the government who leaked the top secret CIA operation in Yemen, to thwart a bomb plot by al-Qaeda of a U.S. bound airliner? 

The AP reporters were just doing their job; it was the anonymous government employee leaking the CIA operation who `put the American people at risk` (Eric Holder). My take away, after reviewing the incomplete information we have so far, is that the Justice Department felt as if they had to get this rogue at any cost!

Eric Holder revealed yesterday that he was not the one who authorized the drastic , and possibly Draconian measures, subpoenaing private phone records of AP reporters, since he had recused himself from the investigation; rather it was Deputy Attorney General James Cole, second in command, who made decision. 

I reason that James Cole knew if he he tried to go through the courts, he`d never get anywhere with these `mum`s the word` veteran reporters; not that this is a valid rationale, since it`s still an overt breach of First Amendment rights!

Well, it`s just not right, another government overstep, but still I wondered what was so important about this CIA operation in Yemen, that James Cole felt it necessary to sidestep the Constitution? 

Not to get cute, but I was reminded of Smiley in John Le Carre`s Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy trying to find out the source of a leak in a Cold War operation (which slips my memory just now). To put it in the vernacular, both officials (Smiley and Cole) are trying to `smoke out a RAT!`

Also, I reasoned, as I read through a half dozen articles covering the AP phone record seizures, it would be important to return to the primary source of all the controversy, the AP piece itself that blew the cover on the CIA operation (apparently on the one year anniversary of killing Bin Laden).

Well, these sundry reports were sketchy on what all the brouhaha was about. Finally, a link of a link in The Huffington Post led me to the primary source: U.S: CIA thwarts new al-Qaeda underwear bomb plot, written by AP reporters Adam Goldman and Matt Apuzzo, and published on May 7, 2012.

I found it on USA Today, but it may have been syndicated fairly widely; now we have a document we can sink our teeth into! But hadn`t the info been published after the operation had already been successfully completed? 

I sense it hadn`t, from the way Eric Holder was acting at yesterday`s press conference. Okay, this is vital, AP actually delayed printing it, after receiving the info before the bomb prevention was completed; then this  `New Deep Throat` gave the Go Ahead!

Now I sense better why Cole and Holder were so freaked. Someone in their midst, one of their own, was spilling the beans to the media. Why was this person doing this? Did they have a personal beef with the Justice Department? 

Is the JD still in the dark as to who this individual is (even after studying the many phone records seized)? If the leaker`s identity is still unknown, what are their methods, that keep a lid so tightly sealed on these covert doings?