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Published:May 19th, 2013 18:15 EST

Moron Car Burlgars Accidentally Butt Dial 911

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police said they listened to two California men plan and carry out a car burglary when one of the men accidentally dialed 911 on his cellphone.


It appeared a so-called butt dial landed the pair in jail after Fresno police followed the clues they overheard to the crime scene."


A Smartphone can be a dangerous instrument in the hands of a butthead.

Even the Keystone Kops would have nabbed these imbeciles; it makes the cops` job a lot easier when they can listen in as the bad guys are carrying out a burglary.

These morons shouldn`t be allowed the traditional phone call before getting tossed in the slammer, they might order pizza.

There must be an app to prevent butt dials.

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