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Published:May 19th, 2013 12:13 EST
NASA Extends Research into Melting Ice Glaciers

NASA Extends Research into Melting Ice Glaciers

By Ron G Anselm

"Rising water levels are only good when you are filling the bath or hot tub to take a relaxing and soothing soak. When it comes to rising waters in the ocean it becomes a disaster waiting to happen." (Anselm, R.)

With the continued onset of the effects of global warming kicking down our front door or should I say killing our environment and sending the living creatures that count on that environment for life into a hormonal frenzy it doesn`t surprise me that the destruction of global warming is now and has been extended to or once mighty glaciers that once stood as tall as the Empire State Building and was as solid as a two-hundred and eight pound linebacker.

Now, those glaciers are melting at a rapid rate filling the oceans with more water than the marine life can handle. NASA has conducted a new study using observations from two of its satellites and have found out the varied differences of how fast the glaciers are disappearing and contributing to the rise in sea levels.

A lot of people may not realize that these once huge glaciers are made up with millions of gallons of water that was at one time frozen solid. Now they are melting at a fast rate. Our Continents were not always shaped the way they are now. In the prehistoric days millions of years ago, the land mass was mostly covered by water. I think the last time I saw a picture in some science or history book of what the Continents looked like pre-dinosaur days, Central America was non-existed because it was completely covered by the ocean and most of the coastal areas of South America, Africa, Australia and Europe was like seventy-five to twenty-five percent water over land mix.

 If you think about it with the melting glaciers and the filling of the oceans with water from them what would stop this scenario from happening again? Also, with the rise in sea levels will also mean higher rising tides, when hurricanes and Nor` Easters hit will mean more destruction further inland and abroad because of the higher coastal sea levels and the once beautiful beaches of Southern California, Florida  the Caribbean and Hawaii will be less beautiful because they will be covered with more water which also means more ugly seaweed overtaking the once beautiful white and camel covered sands that are as fine as a (Victoria Secret Model) woops, my mind slipped for a second, I mean as fine as a freshly granulated bag of white and sweet sugar.

The focal point of NASA`s research on the melting glaciers has mainly been centered in Greenland and Antarctica and the ice sheets that cover the large land masses there. The research has found that one-percent of the large land mass lost an average of five-hundred and one trillion about two-hundred and fifty-nine kilograms of mass every year over a six year period. This loss of land mass has contributed to about 0.03 inches of 0.7 millimeters of the sea level rise each year. This may not sound like much but if you look at how massive the oceans are it is huge.

Alex Gardner who is the Earth scientist at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts  and lead author of the study commented on this by saying, "For the first time, we have been able to very precisely constrain how  much these glaciers as a whole are contributing to sea level rise. These smaller ice bodies are currently losing about as much mass as the ice sheets." (Gardner, A.)

I for one could not imagine looking at the landscape of Antarctica or Greenland and not seeing large glaciers that glow in the sunlight like a person bald head glows after a major sunburn. Some of the best and colorful photos I have seen in the past are of the glaciers that sit so perfectly like little ducks in a row. I guess if they one day do disappear due to global warming, like John Madden once said when Monday Night Football was leaving ABC and going to the parent company ESPN, They can take away Monday Night Football from ABC, but they can`t take away the memories. " (Madden, J., 2006)

In this case if the glaciers do one day go away we will always have pictures and memories of them. The current study NASA is conducting is scheduled to continue for a while and extend to different avenues of the melting glaciers and extend to other areas of the world where this problem is currently happening. The prediction that NASA is throwing out there for now is estimating that from the melting glaciers around the world has enough water in them that would cause the sea levels to rise about twenty-four inches and from just the Greenland ice sheet could cause an estimated overall rise of the sea levels to about twenty feet and from the Antarctic ice sheet about two-hundred feet.

Tad Pfeffer, who is a glaciologist at the University of Colorado in Boulder, stated, "Because the global glacier ice mass is relatively small in comparison with the huge ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica, people tend to not worry about it. But it`s like a little bucket with a huge hole in the bottom: it may not last for very long, just a century or two, but while there`s ice in those glaciers, it`s a major contributor to sea level rise." (Pfefer, T.)

Well stated and is exactly what is happening to the tee. Yes, as long as the glaciers have ice in them there will be meting ices, more water flowing into the oceans and higher rise in sea levels. The way that scientists measure ground-based estimates of glacier mass changes, glaciologists perform on-site measurements along a line from a glacier`s summit to its edge. Scientists extrapolate these measurements to the entire glacier area and carry them out for several years to estimate the glacier`s overall mass change over time. While this type of measurement does well for small, individual glaciers, it tends to overestimate ice loss when the findings are extrapolated to larger regions, such as entire mountain ranges. (

So, the once might glaciers are now being reduced to nothing more than the size of your ice cubes sitting in your freezers ice tray. Global Warming is contributing to the onset of the melting of these glaciers and the rising sea levels as a result. My advice to you while you still can " take a trip to see them if possible and take many pictures to add to your lasting memories or just enjoy them while you still can before they possibly disappear off the face of our planet. Also, don`t purchase sea front property " the next high tide may turn your backyard into a swampy pool party area where instead of sitting on your patio furniture you will be sitting on your docked sailboat.




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