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Published:May 20th, 2013 13:52 EST

Frisco Restaurant 'Bacon, Bacon' Forced To Close Because Of Bacon Smell, Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A San Francisco restaurant owner says he`s out of business after complaints about the smell of bacon led to a discovery the eatery lacked proper health permits.


Jim Angelus, the owner of Bacon Bacon, said the restaurant will shut down at the close of business Friday."


San Francisco  is renowned for its world-class restaurants, and its free-spirited nature. Bacon Bacon may not fit under the category "world-class restaurant", but it exemplifies the free-spirited nature of the City by the Bay.

It`s a crying shame that the Philistine neighbors forced this unique eating establishment to go out of business. I would  pay to live next to an eatery where the delicious aroma of bacon envelopes the neighborhood.

The owner`s "Bacon Bacon" food truck will still be operating -- bacon lovers shouldn`t despair. I hope Angelus uses bacon grease as fuel to run his truck` I want the whole damn city to smell like bacon.

The Golden Gate Bridge, the dense fog, Fisherman`s Wharf, and Bacon Bacon. San Francisco won`t be the same without Bacon, Bacon.



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