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Published:May 21st, 2013 08:20 EST
What ties the Roger and Mary Brumback Homicides to the 2008 Dundee Double Slayings?

What ties the Roger and Mary Brumback Homicides to the 2008 Dundee Double Slayings?

By John G. Kays

Omaha Nebraska Police Chief Todd Schmaderer (in a 1 PM Monday press conference) let us know that the public will not get the inside scoop on the mysterious homicides of Dr Roger Brumback and his wife Mary Brumback. The reason why we`ll learn very little, is that Schmaderer also announced he`s forming a task force, which will include more than a dozen homicide detectives, which has exclusive and confidential information about the couple`s deaths, only known by themselves and the killer at large.

Well, actually it`s a little more complicated than that; this may also be the reason why a great deal of fear lingers within the community of Omaha, Nebraska. A March 13, 2008 double homicide, the means of which was stabbing, of Thomas Hunter,11, and a housekeeper, Shirlee Sherman, 57 (referred to as the Dundee slayings), looks as if it may be connected to the Brumback murders. How? Thomas Hunter is the son of Drs William and Claire Hunter; Roger Brumback was Dr William Hunter`s boss at Creighton University School of Medicine. 

Specifically, the two doctors worked in the pathology department; this is a very odd and improbable coincidence, with the pathology department being such a small set of individuals with such a narrow scope of credentials. I don`t have any statistics I can put my hands on just now, but I do know, or better, I do suspect this isn`t so coincidental! I will point out, however, the (seemingly) reflective pair of double homicides are separated by 5 long years; why did the killer choose to strike just now (rather on May 13, possibly May 12th)?

Does someone have a grudge against some of things these pathology doctors are doing? Well, sorry for vagaries, but I have so little to go on! I realize the task force must be pursuing this connection, which somehow involves professionals and possibly former students at the Creighton University School of Medicine. You know where I`m going with this; does the killer work right there at Creighton? Or maybe, the killer is a disgruntled former employee (or student), who was jealous of the two doctors` success. Grasping for straws, but what the heck!

Shortly, the task force will know a great deal more than we`re allowed to know, until they can nab the culprit, at which time, the entire story will unfold in our lap, as if we should have seen it all along. Yet nothing is clear just now; how were the Brumback`s killed? What`s this about a piano mover (who discovered Mary Brumback`s body) noticing an ammunition clip wedged in doorway? Does this suggest they were shot, as opposed to stabbed? Not necessarily, I`ll add, but only the Omaha task force and the culprit who did this to the Brumbacks know the method of killing.

As little as we know, I will say, and if you take an interest in this case, I`ll recommend you read everything that`s been written by the journalists on the ground at the World-Herald; that`s the newspaper for Omaha, Nebraska, and they`ve filed the most specific reports on this case (which is really two case, loosely tied together). A good example, is a story filed on Sunday, Creighton doctor and his wife recalled as accomplished pair, by Henry J. Cordes, which gives you biographies of the Brumbacks, who were innovators in their fields of pathology and neurology.

Which, again, begs the question, who would want to kill them, such people who were only doing good for medical science? Did professor Brumback ever do something to make someone very mad? Are there people working at Creighton who may recall some incident or another, a conflict of some sort, where an individual may have gotten bent out of shape by something Brumback either did or said or wrote? Chances are good, those reporters over at the World-Herald can do some snooping around, in spite of the secrecy of the task force.