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Published:May 22nd, 2013 14:32 EST
Ascending Spiral - The Journey of Life Through Time

Ascending Spiral - The Journey of Life Through Time

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12,000 years ago, a being the size of Mars made the wrong choice, and destroyed all life on a planet, including a sentient life form. Its chosen restitution was to be born as a human: a small, ephemeral planet-dweller, living life after life until it will either witness the destruction of humanity, or be instrumental in preventing that destruction.

Today, this being`s current life is as Pip. He has the ability to lead people from hopelessness and despair to strength and love. He is a professional grandfather, and a respected figure in many circles. He wasn`t always like this. Until 1966, he knew himself to be a stuff-up: ugly, stupid, unlovable, unable to love. In order to carry out his work of saving humanity from destruction, he needs to recover memories from a few of his many past lives.

Ascending Spiral is a novel that will take the reader to many different places and times, showing, ultimately, that our differences and divisions, even at their most devastating, are less important than our similarities. As described in the prologue to the book, healing from hurt is ideally accompanied by despair and helplessness to strength and love. This goes way beyond just a process of fixing things right in a patient`s situation. True, deep healing involves gaining in spiritual sense, enjoying and valuing a journey from having a life to being life itself.  It is a journey in which the healer and the patient share the spirit of life as the ultimate end in itself. This accomplished, suffering loses its existence to joy.

Reviewers` Acclaim

"Bob Rich powerfully evokes the wounded healer archetype in Ascending Spiral, taking readers on Pip`s painful and insightful journey through lifetimes that serve as a shining example of how to turn misery into virtue." " Diane Wing, author, Coven: Scrolls of the Four Winds

"Dr. Bob Rich`s Ascending Spiral is a true genre-buster, incorporating elements of historical fiction, literary fiction, science fiction, and even a hint of nonfiction to create an entertaining novel with an important message." " Magdalena Ball,

"The way of karma rings true for many people, and this book is a very well written and thoughtful explanation of its message. It is also an exciting, historically accurate series of linked stories that will hold the reader in his chair for a single sitting. Highly recommended." " Frances Burke, author of Endless Time

Book Details

Imprint: Marvelous Spirit Press

Author: Bob Rich

ISBN-13: PB 978-1-61599-186-0 / HC 978-1-61599-194-5 / eBook 978-1-61599-187-7

List Price: PB $ 19.95 / HC $ 32.95 / eBook $ 7.95

Trim: 6.14 x 9.21 (248 pp)

Audience: General Adult

Pub Date: 04/01/2013

BISAC: FICTION/Visionary & Metaphysical

              BODY, MIND & SPIRIT/Reincarnation

From Marvelous Spirit Press  

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