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Published:May 22nd, 2013 08:00 EST
Did Matthew Royer Disappear on His Own Volition?

Did Matthew Royer Disappear on His Own Volition?

By John G. Kays

What became of Matthew Royer? Why did it take him so long to travel from Kingstown, Rhode Island to Skippack, Pennsylvania? What was Matthew up to during this time, when supposedly, he was merely driving back to his folks house? We hear Matthew was a very good student, but was he still even a student at all? If he wasn`t in school for the spring semester at the University of Rhode Island, then what was he doing with his free time?

I`ve covered lots of missing persons` stories, but the case of Matthew Royer doesn`t quite fit into the normal template I feel comfortable with, or have noticed is the usual scenario we tend to see, which often involves various levels of foul play. Well, I might qualify that by saying every case is unique and has it`s own quirks. I mean look at Susan Powell or Kyron Horman; they are both beyond bizarre! In any case, evidence of foul play with Matthew Royer is nowhere to be found (heretofore).

Well, I read over several times, around a half dozen articles filed by reputable news services, chronicling what we know so far about Matthew Royer`s ineffable disappearance, which might be pinpointed to the afternoon, Friday, May 17th. After studying what had been reported, I scratched my head in consternation, this wasn`t adding up, in any way! No logic to the travel timeline. 

Why, for example, with the last sighting by two Subway workers (I believe), at Route 501 and Route 422, in Lebanon County, Pa., okay at 1 PM (May 17th), was Matthew further away from home, then he was when he stopped in for a bottled water at a Breiningsville Sunoco gas station (which was 11 hours earlier at 2 AM)? Obviously, Matthew was hardly making an efficient beeline back to his parents house!

Okay, so since we know the time and location, that is, when he was spotted at the Sunoco, he should have arrived home safely by 3 AM, I`ll estimate. So what in the world was doing over those long 11 hours? Driving the endless, tedious freeways sipping bottle water? 11 hours is a long time to be driving, and I don`t believe this is what happened at all; Royer must have stopped somewhere, possibly meeting someone. Well, did he have a plan in place to disappear on his own volition?

Very strange indeed! We have a trip that normally should take around 5 or 6 hours to make; if he left at 6:30 PM Thursday evening (5/16/`13), and he`s spotted at 1 PM Friday, that`s about 18.5 hours he`d been just rambling about! I mean, it`s 12 or 13 hours longer than it should have taken. Again, and I don`t mean to be too repetitious, what was Matthew up to? What did he do during these hours?

Obviously, he didn`t intend on going directly home (if at all); or is it he got caught up with some other not-so-nice individuals? The foul play angle has to be looked at, naturally enough, but so far, there`s nothing to suggest this is the case. Very frustrating, very mysterious too, where we see this young man portrayed as very smart, but most ordinary also. Still, in my mind, the accounts of his college time didn`t look right to me either (as I initially researched his story).

I mean, why wasn`t he enrolled in pharmacy school for the spring semester? Did his parents know he`d dropped out? Why didn`t Matthew tell his friend Nicolle Kulp he wasn`t going to school this last semester? Why live near campus if you`re not attending classes? What caused him to drop out? Was he losing enthusiasm for this line of study?   Here your coming back home from school once the semester ends, but you wern`t even enrolled in school in the first place. Now that`s bizarre!