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Published:May 23rd, 2013 21:20 EST
Two Poems from Home, Oklahoma City

Two Poems from Home, Oklahoma City

By Ed Roberts

There are two poems, one new the other written several years ago, that have a special meaning for all of us who call Oklahoma our home.



There are always storms
Lightening flashes
Thunder crashes
The winds roar
They attack us at our very core
Of course
The rain comes

The rain falls all around us
Blinds us
Soaks us until nothing is left dry
It batters all that we hold precious
Seemingly relentless to bring about
Utter destruction

Yes, there are always storms
They wash things away
Often things we would rather hold on to
But as it is meant to be
In the end
The choice is not ours to make

In all of their power
All of their destruction
One thing is certain
All storms end

They leave
Often as quickly as they appear
They move on

They leave us
Sometimes broken
Sometimes shattered
Sometimes damaged beyond repair

We often are left
Standing amongst the rubble
And facing many tough decisions

We can simply move on
Abandon what was once precious
Pack up what has been spared
And try to find new shelter
Often not having any idea where that might be

Or we can stop
Gather our belongings
Dispose of what can`t be repaired
Fix what we are able
And rebuild on familiar ground

In either case
In the middle of the night
We are faced with but one certainty

There will always be

Ed Roberts 11/17/06




There are no real words
To describe it

It is a sickness
A feeling of loss
A pain that reaches the deepest part of one`s soul
It can strike without warning
Bury a person so deep
Not the slightest ray of hope
Can even be dreamed of

There is no escape
From it

You can hide
Build a wall around your heart
Lie to yourself
Pretend that you do not care
Pretend everything is ok
Everything is just the same
The way it was
It doesn`t matter
Greif will find you
No matter how far you run
It will always be there

There is no cure for this
In so many ways
It`s a battle
A storm that somehow one must weather
If allowed
It will take everything
And leave nothing behind
But a shattered shell
Of what used to be a life

It is something one can survive
One can stand against it
Alone if necessary
But better to be faced
With others by your side
It will leave scars
It will leave holes in what used to be
The fabric of one`s life
It never goes away
In time becomes a silent partner
Patiently waiting for a chance
A chance to once again take control

Yes, there are no real words to describe this
And yes, no real way to escape it
But at the end of the darkest nights
One can be comforted by another single word
That in itself
Is also beyond description
And against all of grief`s power
Can stand forever as well

That word is

Ed Roberts 


I was born, raised, and have always lived here in Oklahoma. I am proud to call this "Home"

Yes, there are great challenges ahead for those affected by the recent storms but I assure you that no one here needs to stand alone.