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Published:May 23rd, 2013 08:28 EST
Was Ibragim Todashev`s Confession of Simple Drug Robbery Real Motive Behind Waltham Triple Homicide?

Was Ibragim Todashev`s Confession of Simple Drug Robbery Real Motive Behind Waltham Triple Homicide?

By John G. Kays

Did FBI agents have ample reason to shoot Ibragim Todashev to death Wednesday? Prior to shooting him, did these same FBI agents squeeze a good enough confession out of Todashev, for the 9/11/2011 horrific murders of Brendan H. Mess, Rafael M. Teken, and Erik Weissman in Waltham, Massachusetts? Did Todashev implicate Tamerlan Tsarnaev as his accomplice in this gruesome triple slaying, where all three victims` throats were slit and marijuana was liberally sprinkled over their bodies?

Also, we`d like to know what the two Chechen natives` motives were; was it a mere drug robbery or did the 9/11 ten year anniversary have anything to do with it? Before Todashev freaked out and attacked the FBI agent, apparently, he`s said it was just a drug robbery. But is this the way Tsarnaev saw it? Was there something ritualistic or symbolic in this ruthless violence (in Tamerlan`s mind, I mean)? 

Too many coincidences to see it as a mere drug robbery? The timing, the date, ten years after the Twin Towers were toppled, is too much to bear! More particularly, why did the two boxers visit the three men at 12 Harding Ave that day? Had they been involved in a drug operation prior to the gory scene left behind that day? If this is true, does it imply they were using drug money to fuel a newly realized terrorist effort?

In this way of thinking, this triple slaying initiated this endeavor; moreover, we have to believe Todashev played an active role in subduing these 3 young, strong men, since it would take both of them to pull this off. The 3 must have resisted, since their lives were in the balance! Still, many loose ends exist, if we are to believe simple robbery was the sole motive behind this savage act. It`s not a very successful robbery, when you leave $5,000 behind and a good quantity of the contraband you intended on purloining, is it?

This leads me to believe that Ibragim was downplaying what was behind the Waltham homicides, before he lost it, after multiple interviews with FBI agents, who were hot in pursuit and closing the loops on a very disturbing event. The final chapter for Ibragim Todashev takes place in Orlando, Florida, whereas the pertinent events (of the Marathan bombing and the Waltham triple killings) take place in the greater Boston area. Geographically apart, yet connected, ironically!

I`m looking for a date for when Ibragim moved away from Boston; apparently he moved to Atlanta first, with his wife Reniya Manukyan, not too long after Waltham, then moved on to Orlando in late 2011. Why move all the way from Boston to Florida? This looks very suspicious to me; was he aware of Tsarnaev`s bombing plots or other schemes he and his brother were up to? And is there a strong possibility he utterly feared Tamerlan, since he had participated in Waltham? I suspect this is why he fled Boston; he knew he was an easy target (shut him up)! 

I sense it will be impossible now to prove definitively these two did it, with both of them dead. Yet, Todashev confessed to it before he was shot himself; I feel certain in my mind that they did do it. This morning I returned to the Waltham story just as it broke (including shocking news footage); Brendan Mess and Tamerlan were best of friends prior to his death. And yet it was noticed by some of Brendan`s other friends that Tamerlan didn`t even attend his memorial service. Did these suspicious friends report this oddity to Boston detectives? Did they even interview Tamerlan? One can`t help but feel his lack of detection must have emboldened Tamerlan!