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Published:May 24th, 2013 08:27 EST
50th Anniversary of JFK`s Assassination in Dallas Commemerated a Hundred Fold!

50th Anniversary of JFK`s Assassination in Dallas Commemerated a Hundred Fold!

By John G. Kays

An article caught my eye this morning, as I quickly scanned Google News for stories that would appeal to me. It was JFK commemorations dot 2013 calendar, by David Jackson, posted on the USA TODAY page. I was glad to see it, since I`m a JFK enthusiast and felt as if I`ve been outside the loop on the many upcoming activities, organized around the 50th anniversary of JFK`s assassination in Dallas. 

It dizzies the mind, there`s so much going on, so I just did a (conditioned, mandatory) black out and narrowly focused on the first few items I came across.

This is a survivalist technique I use, when you`re bombarded with so much random data you feel confused, not knowing what to believe. This strategy originates with Kennedy`s assassination itself, where I was glued like a housefly to a teeny black and white television set in my parents bedroom, in Westbury, a suburb of Houston, drinking in the news in shock and disbelief. 

Right from the get-go they were saying Oswald was a US marine who had defected to Russia; my dad said he thought this was a cover story dropped by the CIA, framing Oswald, and that they were the ones who had really done it!

Well, you might say, this was my first encounter with the haunting notion that news is not necessarily real news; it may be propaganda. I`ve held on to this notion even unto today, possibly more so today than 50 years ago. When I was a kid, I was taught that first impressions are often the best at getting at the truth.

My dad`s initial instinct, that the CIA was dropping a cover story, white-washing what really happened, virtually, immediately after the shots were fired, still appears to be accurate to me now. Dad got it right on the very day!

Well, I guess I better back off and try to look at what we`ve got going on now, in the way of collective reflection, ceremonies, books, exhibits, etc. I see, Jackson`s piece mentions a new book by Patrick Nolan, CIA Rogues and the Killing of the Kennedys, which I`ll probably want to take a look at. Then I own a copy of Stephen King`s 11/22/63, but haven`t had a chance to read it. Nearly every day between now and November 22, 1963 marks some significant milestone from the last six months of President Kennedy`s life. 

A good example, is June 26th, which is when Kennedy gave his speech with the line Ich bin ein Berliner; Obama will be going to Berlin then, and this important milestone in JFK`s career will be acknowledged. Another event written about in The Tennessean (6 months before Dallas, JFK got up close with with Nashville, by Michael Cass) was a total surprise to me; on May 18, 1963 Kennedy paid a visit to Nashville, rode in an open motorcade parade, then gave a speech at Vanderbilt University. 200,000 people saw the President on that incident-free day!

In April, NBC News did a cameo on an exhibit in Washington at the Newseum, that has the actual shirt Oswald was wearing when he was arrested at The Texas Theater in Oak Cliff. They got Lee`s wallet too with his vast array of fake IDs. Boy, I`d sure like to see this stuff! Then, to top it off, they have Abraham Zapruder`s actual Bell & Howell 8 mm camera you can see. This is of interest to me, since I`d like to write about the photographic equipment (both still and moving pictures) in Dealey Plaza that Dark Day. The Sixth Floor Museum has such an exhibit.

I`m just getting started at looking over the calendar for upcoming events; my purpose in writing a few lines about JFK`s 50 Assassination Anniversary is to motivate you to find out what`s out there. Probably the best place to start, is at The Dallas Morning News page (special edition), which has an entire section dedicated to the 50th. Another gulp of piping hot coffee! I`ll let you go; DMN covering the news they covered and made (and distorted) 50 years ago? Is this where Journalism (as we knew it) hits a Fake Fork in the Road?

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