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Published:May 26th, 2013 12:05 EST

UFO Mothership Photographed Over Historical Edgemoor Barn: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Ellen Henry is a member of the Santee Historical Society (SHS) located in San Diego County and, according to the SanteePatch, was taking pictures of a historical building, the Edgemoor Barn.


It wasn`t until after she took the picture that Henry realized her camera had captured something else that she hadn`t previously seen.

Henry reports that right after she snapped the UFO, her camera mysteriously stopped working."

The Huffington Post

Ellen Henry`s photograph of the Edgemoor Barn might have been published without much fanfare in the Santee Historical Society newsletter, but a tiny speck in the image that Henry labeled a "UFO" has garnered Henry national attention.

After Henry realized she has snapped the flying saucer, her camera mysteriously stopped working. As the Church Lady of SNL fame would have said: How convenient!

I have tons of photographs of a recent outing to the Blue Ridge Parkway that even my nature-loving friends don`t want to see. Maybe if I accidentally discover (Photoshop) a speck in one of my images and label it a "UFO Mother Ship", everybody, including the media, will be interested in my pics.

Did Henry take a pic of a flying saucer or just a really cool old barn? You be the judge:

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