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Published:May 27th, 2013 15:29 EST

German Cafe Charges Customers By The Hour

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A German cafe said it is charging customers for the amount of time they spend in the facility instead of charging them for the items they order.


Daria Volkova, 24, founder of the Slow Times cafe in Wiesbaden, said she was inspired by similar cafes in her native Russia, which she left for Germany in 2008.

Volkova said customers are given time-marked wristbands when they enter the cafe and they are charged $0.04 per minute, amounting to $5.18 per hour."


This business model won`t work in a bar where a thirsty customer can easily run a tab over a hundred bucks in less than an hour.

But charging customers for the amount of time they spend in a café might just work. A café owner isn`t going to go broke serving a customer two or three cups of coffee an hour.

There are too many slackers who spend hours at Starbucks nursing one cup of coffee while they take advantage of the free Wi-Fi. Maybe Starbucks should adopt this business model, and charge at least $6.00 per hour.

I`d rather make my own coffee at home, for practically nothing, and sip the delicious brew as I write my essays.

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