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Published:May 29th, 2013 15:32 EST

Outrage: Six Flags Great America Gives 100 Millionth Guest A Free Pizza

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Six Flags Great America in Illinois said a man pinpointed as the park`s 100 millionth guest was treated to a free pizza and line-skipping privileges.


The Gurnee theme park said Communications Director Katy Enrique stood at the gates Monday to count to the 100 millionth guest, and she landed on James Briggs, who was visiting with his girlfriend, Sarah Brock."


If I was the 1,000th customer at a run-down carnival operated by a bald-headed old carny wearing a wife beater shirt, I would expect more than a free pizza and line-skipping privileges.

Six Flags Great America is a multi-billion corporation, and they should at the very least given the 100 millionth guest a million bucks, and a lifetime free admission.

Sixth flags insulted James Briggs, in front of his girlfriend, no less. If James had any self-respect he would have told Six Flags Communications Director Katy Enrique, exactly where she could put that free pizza.

I will never set foot inside a Six Flags amusement park again, I`d rather spend all my money at a carnival where all the games are rigged, and all the carny employees are inbred rednecks.

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