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Published:May 29th, 2013 08:14 EST
What`s Behind Yanira Maldonado`s Arrest in Hermosillo, Mexico for Marijuana Smuggling?

What`s Behind Yanira Maldonado`s Arrest in Hermosillo, Mexico for Marijuana Smuggling?

By John G. Kays

An Arizona mother, Yanira Maldonado, is jailed in Nogales, Mexico for trying to smuggle 12 pounds of marijuana into the United States; how did this happen, or better, why did it happen? The answer to this mystery is still blanketed with cumulous clouds! To put it simply, we don`t have the foggiest idea why Yanira was arrested at a military checkpoint of Hermosillo, Mexico. How did a large quantity of marijuana find its way right under her bus seat? Was it really there in the first place? Did anyone see the Mexican police take the contraband off the bus?

Deja Vu; I`ve heard similar stories to this through the years, as I understand it, the judicial system is seldom above board down in Mexico. But still, it`s only on rare occasions solid American citizens will be messed with. Why did they single out Yanira Maldonado, who seems like the most unlikely person in the universe to be smuggling pot into Arizona? I read over a very well-researched article in the Arizona Republic (Yanira Maldonado jailed in Mexico for drugs, by Daniel Gonzalez) for possible answers.

The Arizona Republic article gives a quote from Erik Lee, whose credentials read as an associate director at Arizona State University`s North American Center for Transborder Studies. Anyway, I`ve been trending towards his opinion, that it doen`t seem very likely that federal authorities in Mexico would plant drugs on an American citizen, knowing it will cause an international incident, even hurting tourism (as Erik Lee points out). Okay, so where does this take us?

If the Federales didn`t plant 12 pounds of pot, then how did it get there? Is one of the big drug cartels involved? This would appear to be a loaded question, since everyone believes this to be the case. But we also suspect, just getting a small bribe of $5,000 is not the motive behind what looks like a major frame-up, since the residing judge in Nogales rejected the payment, offered by Gary Maldonado, Yanira`s husband. No, I don`t sense a small bribe has anything to do with this troubling and confusing (international) situation.

Okay, so the option of yanking strings with a great deal of pull is already in place; forgive my coveted slang, but you know what I mean, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake is looking into this case, and getting the U.S. State Department involved, as well as the Mexican Embassy in Washington, D.C. This adds fuel to the argument that Mexico would hesitate in setting up an American citizen, knowing full and well our reaction would be strong, which it in fact is. As much political and legal muscle is being flexed as is possible!

No, there`s something else going on here, but I can`t tell (you can`t tell) what it is? I can only see two solutions to this puzzling enigma (which appears as a reflexion [repeat] of previous incidents, yet in reality is a new configuration, never seen before). One, is that Yanira was actually smuggling the pot, and simply got caught. If this is true, then she fooled all of us completely! While unlikely, this possibility must at least be considered. The second one I thought of, is that one of the cartels wants to force an international incident with we Americans.

This scenario, really a conspiracy, is hard to rap your head around. Why would a cartel want to do this? To flex their muscle? Are they holding Yanira ransom? Do they want to (for some reason) humiliate we Americans? There`s no way the Arizona couple could have brought 12 pounds on to the bus! We hear, eyewitnesses can clear them; surveillance footage can do the same. No matter which angle you look at this situation, it makes no sense. Yet the bottom line has to be, don`t vacation in Mexico, unless you want to get locked up!