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Published:May 30th, 2013 11:09 EST

Kindergartener Gets Detention For Brandishing Lego Gun Size Of A Quarter: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Yet another student has landed in a heap of trouble for having something that represents a gun, but isn`t actually anything like a real gun.


This time, the perpetrator was a six-year-old boy. The menacing weapon in question was a plastic Lego G.I. Joe gun roughly the size of a quarter, reports WGGB-TV.

The incident unfolded Friday morning on a school bus headed to Old Mill Pond Elementary School in Palmer, Mass. Another student on the bus spotted the Lego piece and promptly shouted to the driver."

The Daily Caller

This is the latest anti-gun tomfoolery to erupt in a school setting; unfortunately unless zero-tolerance guidelines are abolished it won`t be the last.

A student farting in a school bus causes more discomfort and chaos than a six-year-old boy with a toy gun that`s the size of a quarter.

A miniature Lego toy gun  bears no resemblance to a real firearm, and it only poses a threat if a kid accidentally swallows it.

The student who was brandishing the scary weapon had to apologize to the bus driver, and he was slapped with detention.

The boy was humiliated and psychologically damaged for the crime of engaging in child play.

The real villains are the kid who snitched to the bus driver (snitches get stitches), and the bus driver who didn`t laugh off the incident.

The school buses in Palmer, Mass. aren`t any safer because a six-year old was disarmed of a three-inch toy gun.

There such be zero tolerance for zero tolerance anti-toy gun bans in schools.

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