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Published:May 31st, 2013 14:53 EST
Yanira Maldonado Was Framed!

Yanira Maldonado Was Framed!

By SOP newswire2

There is no questions that Yanira was framed. Even in innocence, no-one in their right mind would board a bus in Mexico headed for the U.S. with 12-lbs of drugs. That is like wearing a sign on your back saying, "I have drugs."

From the onset it was obvious that something was amiss. First accusing her husband, then changing the scene to accuse Yanira... that tact is simple. Yanira, as a woman, mother, wife, draws more sympathy, engenders more pain in the public`s eyes.

Why didn`t the arresting solders show up at the court on Wednesday to tell their story... because their testimony would not stand up to scrutiny. That is obvious.

Why, then, didn`t the judge dismiss the case? Because he is a puppet of the Cartel, and they are using Yanira to send a message to America (stop our drugs and pay the price). Make no mistake, Yanira is in danger, and the longer they hold her the more dangerous it is going to be for her.

It is time that our government step in at the highest level to force her release. And it is also time that American`s stop visiting, vacationing, or patronizing Mexico. Americans crossing the border into Mexico are in danger, if they choose to do it, it is at their own peril.

Bob Lopez
Sr. Technical Writer