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Published:June 1st, 2013 21:39 EST

Of Amanda Bynes, Misogyny And Morality Plays

By Robert Paul Reyes


The American public is fascinated by beautiful female celebs who fall apart, whether it`s Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Anna Nicole Smith or most recently Amanda Byce, we are enthralled and follow their every misstep on social media, the tabloids, and on entertainment TV.



Some of these tragic stories end in an early death (Amy Winehouse, Anna Nicole Smith), but most linger on in endless trips to rehab and a refuge in reality TV.


Male pop culture critics are often accused of misogyny and of having no sympathy for these fallen angels when we chronicle their public downfall.


I confess that I have absolutely no sympathy or concern for the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Byce. I reserve my empathy for the underprivileged and disenfranchised, males and females, who must battle overwhelming odds just to make ends meet. I won`t waste a single tear on white, beautiful women, born of privilege, who had everything handed to them on a sliver platter, and then pissed everything away.


Some readers have accused me on focusing on female train wrecks, and ignoring the male entertainers whose lives and careers were destroyed by drugs, alcohol and hubris.


I have written countless articles mocking every male celeb douche bag from Charlie Sheen to Justin Bieber. Although I will be the first to admit that when a virginal former female child star falls into decadence and debauchery it`s much more poignant than when a male star takes a tumble.


Robert Downey Jr. made his screen debut at the age of five, and in the 80`s he was a huge star as a member of the Brat Pack. In the 90`s Downey was arrested numerous times on drug-related charges, and he went several times through rehab unsuccessfully. At the time I wrote about Downey`s problems with substance abuse, but those articles failed to garner the attention of my Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes pieces.


Robert Downey Jr. has made an amazing comeback, and now he is one of the highest paid actors in the world, so maybe there`s hope for Amanda. Oh wait, I forgot how much of a cynic I am, Downey is blessed with amazing talent while Amanda doesn`t have the acting chops to fight her way out of a paper bag.


I must admit that my lust for schadenfreude is sated when I write about Amanda,  who doesn`t take pleasure in the downfall of an arrogant bimbo?


But my primary motivation for writing about Amanda is to pen a cautionary tale, or morality play that will resonate with a pop culture wise audience.


Keep the hits coming Amanda, please don`t ever stop tweeting your silly head off.


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